Why we must keep talking about how #BlackLooksMatter

Etienne Rodriguez just penned a great piece yesterday over at Affinity Magazine entitled "Our Diversity Isn't Looking So Diverse" (from whence I snatched this great image above).  In it he makes the same points we posted from Ms. Jaina Bennett, on the same day she made them...which was perfect.

Let me make this abundantly clear: we love, love, love Zendaya.  And Candice Patton.  And Kylie Bunbury.  And Kat Graham.  And Kiersey Clemons.  And Angel Coulby.  And Nathalie Emmanuel. And Nicole Ari Parker.  And Megan Markle.  We use to love Zoe Saldana too, but she's on a bit of a time-out.  They're our sisters; we respect their accomplishments, and appreciate the struggles they've endured and continue to endure in the hostile world of show business.  We don't want them to give up a single thing (they're not exactly drowning in back-to-back roles).  So when you think about it, this isn't even really about them.  This is about the people who hire them.


Athletic Sisters: Danusia Francis

Looks like Jamaica's getting a second representative!

Funny story about Danusia: She was born in Britain, currently lives in Los Angeles and attends UCLA (whom she also competes for).  She was a reserve gymnast on behalf of Britain in 2012, but because she represented Jamaica at the 2015 World Championships, she qualified to test for their Olympic team.  Needles to say, she passed.

I'm really excited that Danusia is at the Olympics because she's known for her flexibility, which I can only describe as, well...insane.

This truly is the Blackest year ever. Someone said this year's Olympic gymnastic event is going to be a bloodbath, and well...yes and no. I'm so glad all these Black and Brown girls are making/going to make history this year, so it's win-win either way. However...they all have eyes on the gold, and they all can't have it.

Let the games begin.


Black Girls' Night Out: Whitney & Robyn (#BlackandSexyTV)

Wow...feel like it's been a while.

Like I said At the Bar, I am enjoying the hell out of my new Black & Sexy TV subscription.  The casting is on point, the production is on point, and the music constantly has me asking, "Who dat???"

Best of all, I get to pick up where I left off with my two fave girls on Hello Cupid.


Actually...We Wouldn't Care

I'm getting old and less patient, so I'll just shuck right down to the cob: 1) We built the Black Girls Club because we could, and 2) if a White Girls Club came out tomorrow...we really wouldn't give a shit.

I once said that being a Black woman is like being a member of an exclusive club you never actually chose to sign up for.  This part's particularly important because I don't think people fully grasp the meaning of "the Black Girls Club."  Yes, it's just what it says on the tin.  It's also so much more.

People resent Black women so much because they either can't be us, or can't have us.


Black Girl Baes: Samira Wiley

I've been meaning to do this post for a while, and it seems more fitting now than ever, so...here goes.

For those of you drawn to the "gender fluid" type, it's easy to hop and online and see one White face after the other.  Ruby Rose's name in particular pops up.  Some sistahs recently asked where was the same hooplah around our own Samira Wiley, whose sleek, slender, boyish-yet-femme looks should be focus of just as much attention.  After all, one of the writers on Orange is the New Black suddenly realized she was a lesbian and left her husband for this woman.  #Game #SetMatch #Checkmate

Now that she will no longer be on OINTB and has been itching to try out new looks, I can't wait to see where her career takes her (she recently appeared in ShondaLand on The Catch).

'Bout to fangirl the hell outta this woman....


Addicted (2014) - A Review

I think I first saw this movie on Netflix and I avoided, probably because I was being bougie.  Like, I think the reason POC struggle to support our independent media is the quality of said media.  I mean, in the age of blu-ray and hi-def and 3D, it's haaaaard to sit through a project that was obviously made on a budget of zero.

So I ignored it on Netflix, and then I saw it on Hulu where I ignored it again.  But then I was reading about my one of my favorite actresses, Kat Graham, and learned she was in this film.  So I read up on it and figured I might as well take a gander.


Cheltzie Lee: Missing in Action

It's the weekend, remember?

In addition to my previous weird confession, I have another: I often sorely wish that our publishing press would take off so I could financially endorse some of our athletic sisters.  Because I miss the ever living hell out of Cheltzie Lee, and I'm devastated that she hasn't been skating.

For those of you not knowing, Cheltzie is a Chinese-African-American skater from Australia.  Seriously.  A few years ago, she was a rising star when she stepped in to represent Australia in the 2010 Winter Olympics at the last moment.  She was 16.