The Black Girls Club: Cynthia Addai-Robinson

Who She Is: Cynthia Addai-Robbinson, the product of BW/WM, with her mother being from Ghana.

Where to Watch Her: Cynthia joins fellow Ghanaian Peter Mensah on Spartacus.  She takes over the role of Naevia, formerly portrayed by Lesley Ann Brandt, a woman of East Indian descent.

Why She's a Recruit: First of all...Negro.  Negro taking over a non-Negro's role.  Not to mention, she's a Negro who's a product of BW/WM, not the other way around.

Second of all, she's one of the better female characters on the show.  The other is fellow WoC Katrina Law.  Naevia is moral, sharply intelligent, resourceful, and strong.

Needless to say, this will not go over well.

Already fans are upset with the changes in casting; Andy Whitfield died (*sniff*) and his role of Spartacus was taken over by Liam McIntyre.  Lesley Ann Brandt took off in pursuit of better roles (smart woman), and fans describe her as being "perfect" for the role.

Third of all, she's going to resume her relationship with fan favorite Crixus, who literally worships the ground she walks on.  So much that Season 3 has Spartacus leading his entire band of rebels into the danger just to get her back.  And everywhere they go, they recite the same lines about the woman they seek: a "rare beauty" who is "dark of skin."

*shakes head*  This will not sit will in the morning.

Fourth of all, Cynthia will be playing Naevia as a free woman, not a slave (Brandt already took that one for the team), so no more waiting on fair-skinned nobles, drawing baths, fetching wine, or massaging her ungrateful mistress's clit.

Need I go on?


  1. Okay, I might watch Spartacus this weekend (season 1 and 1.5 are streaming on Netflix). Who's character is she replacing so I'll know what/who I'm looking at?

    1. She's replacing Naevia, former body slave and masturbator of Lucy Lawless' character. In the last episode I watched, she was just liberated from the mines by Spartacus and his band.

    2. *rubs temples* Just watched the most recent ep.

      And so it begins. From day one fans have resisted this woman. Now the whole "not as good-looking as the original" comments are coming out.

      *shakes head* People are so predictable.

    3. She isn't ambiguous enough for them.


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