The Black Girls Club: Joy Bryant

(Thanks, MD!)

Say hello to the latest inductee, bar patrons.

Who She Is: Model-turned-actress Joy Bryant, of course, whom various fans recognize from various places.  Personally, I recognize her from Virtuality, where she was in a Blasian relationship with actor Nelson Lee.

Where to Watch Her: NBC's Parenthood.

Why She's a Recruit:  As you can see above, MD emailed me about Joy Bryant.  I haven't actually watched Parenthood, but MD has and she made an impassioned argument for Joy's membership in the Black Girls Club.
I wish to recommend Joy Bryant as an underappreciated actress on NBC's Parenthood. She plays the role of Jasmine, the baby-mama of Crosby Braverman (Dax Shepard). While the writers did struggle with her character, IMO, she is not the stereotypical baby-mama. Jasmine reconnected with Crosby after 5 yrs because their son, (whom Crosby never knew) wanted to get to know his dad. She is independent, not looking for a handout, intelligent, has a successful career as a dancer/ visiting artist at Berkeley university. The short version of the story is that Crosby fell in love with her and asked her to marry him, but close to the big day, they had a huge argument and Crosby in his immaturity cheated on her. They were not reunited at the end of last season, so season 3 focused on them as co-parents, but as we approach the end of the season (2 epis to go) they are about to reconcile (although they are in other relationships) and will be married in the final episode on 28th February. Needless to say, the character has gotten a lot of hate from WW (who else) simply because she exists. She has been called all sorts of names and is judged by a much higher, unreasonable, unjustified standard than other women on the show. She has been called evil bitch, witch, controlling, mean, shrew...most of which is unjustified. What i am really pleased about is that the writers are not giving in to the haters, they are going ahead with the marriage of Jasmine and Crosby. Crosby has been written to confess his love to Jasmine many times, when he cheated on her he tried everything to get her back, he even bought her a house. So i don't have to tell you how much she is hated. lol. BTW, they have the sexiest love scenes...you know they hate her...lol.
Well...there you have it.


  1. I haven't watched this show, and I'm not sure whether I should. I like Joy Bryant however, and at least her characterization sounds halfway decent. Is it streaming on Netflix?

    1. Whattaya know...it is.

      Let me know how that works out for you.

    2. If I decide to watch it. You've already got me condering watching Spartacus and I'm not too sure about that move either.


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