Darker Sisters: Rosie Forbes

DAMN, she's fine!!!
Name: Lt. Rosie Forbes

See in: Wing Commander (1999)

Portrayed by: Ginny Holder

Role: Bad-ass pilot, trash-talking soldier, love interest, obligatory red shirt.

Verdict: Fail; her character's nickname is "Sister Sassy", she's never listed among the starring cast, she gets pretty much no recognition, and oh yeah...she dies.

I hadn't watched Wing Commander in years before I did this today, but looking back now, I'm going to give this character a little more credit than before.

First of all, a beautiful dark chocolate woman was cast.  I cannot stress how much a filmmaker cannot go wrong with that.  In addition, she's respected/deferred to, and within moments Matthew Lillard's* character is smitten.  They actually do have a beautiful relationship; he tells her she makes "it all worth it", leaving everything behind to go to war with an alien race.  The two actually have a few really good scenes together, and I suspect it has to do with the fact Wing Commander wasn't entirely an American production.

...But she dies.  And because her death was a result of her lover's own (unintentional) carelessness, he is almost executed on the spot.  *sigh*  At least they show him grieving.

RIP Rosie

*Always did like this dude.


  1. The concept itself. This show simply passed me by. Rosie is stunning. I love women as shit-talking pilots. And she looks like she'll whoop a bitch's ass.

  2. I've never seen an episode of this show but I will sure to check it out.

    Side note-Isn't is sad that when I go to the movies I count the minutes until the one black person in it dies.

  3. Just remember ladies, this is a FILM, not a show. You can rent the DVD from Netflix.

    And brace yourself, because Freddie Prinze, Jr. is the star and he ruins every other scene.

  4. Oh, okay. Thanks. Netflix it is then. LOL (Freddie)

  5. Replies
    1. Indeed. How and why he has a career completely escapes me.


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