Darker Sisters: Sofia Dupre-Winters

Name: Sofia Dupre-Winters

Seen in: Young and the Restless

Portrayed by: Julia Pace Mitchell

Role: No-nonsense business executive, wife, mother

Verdict: Pass, and I loathe soap operas with a passion.

Think about it; we've got a dark chocolate sistah playing a successful woman with a loving husband on an American soap opera.  I mean there's kissing and everything.  In addition to the courtship, they even show the wedding.

Apparently there was drama with another dude as well.

God, I hate soap operas...despite my love for Julia Pace Mitchell.  And while she does have a lot of devoted fans and supporters, she's naturally drawn her fair share of haters who are always saying her relationships are unrealistic (read: she's Black, and darkly so, therefore undesirable), she's too "curvy" (read: fat), and I've actually read a fan say her love scenes made them feel sick.

Nevertheless, I adore this woman.  She's beautiful; her smile's as bright as the sun.  She's got her career going (even when as she got thicker), in spite of some serious odds (she was actually shocked to get a role on Y&R), and she's happily married in real life to a prominent businessman.  Haters can feel free to hate on this woman because she's got her money, she's got her fans, and she's happy as clams.

(These pix are of her real-life wedding.)


  1. Oh snap! She's got both br Neil and Malcolm Winters falling for her.

    1. Yes, and commenters were saying it was "unrealistic."

    2. Funny how "ugly" our naturally large breasts are when they pay a fortune to have sacs of silicon jammed into their chests. Ditto with the naturally smooth and radiant skin that seems especially common among the dark chocolate ladies, and that they lamely try to imitate with botox, gortex, and a host of other foreign objects injected into their faces.

      Right, no one would want her but I'm supposed to believe every man in town wants that haggy looking chick on Grey's Anatomy? Whatever haters...who would want a lady that will never have a wrinkle?

    3. Yay - you're here! Welcome to the Club!

    4. @Nicthommi

      Yeah, I can't figure out the whole "Black women are so ugly, but we're doing everything in our power to look just like them" thing either.

      They love movies like War (or whatever it's called with Chris Pine and Reese Witherspoon) where two men are fighting over what the fangirls consider to be the epitome of beauty. Two men falling/fighting over a black woman a la Sofia in Y & R or Allison on Eureka and it's "unrealistic", but two men fighting over a white woman and it's the most natural thing in the world. *rolls eyes* Please.

    5. Two men falling/fighting over a black woman a la Sofia in Y & R or Allison on Eureka and it's "unrealistic", but two men fighting over a white woman and it's the most natural thing in the world.

      Very well-stated.

    6. @Cinnamon, I drove past a billboard for that movie today, and I was like "really?" They are fighting over THAT? I just can't...and it's interesting how much these women need to sell the idea that they are the ONLY women in the world that anyone could ever want...

      @Ankhesen, thanks for starting this too!! There is just so much virtual hate posted all over the internet towards black women so yeah, I think this is needed.

      I went through a soaps period years and years ago but had no idea what characters were on the Y & R today. Like you, I can't watch, but I'm intrigued that they have this kind of diversity and aren't afraid to show her as a desirable lady who'd have options.

      I did have a college classmate who wrote for Y&R for a long time...

  2. I actually watch this soap..and from jump I thought Sofia was GORGEOUS..her S/Ls to leave a little bit to be desired though..to me she looks like a thick black barbie doll very beautiful..

  3. My late grandmother got me into Y&R years ago.Its also been several more years since I watched.I was able to watch a snidbit of it last week.The very first person I see was Sofia and her acting impressed me.I really love her character.

    I find it funny how the fans are ragging on this woman.I wonder if it makes them sick because of her,weight,skin color or that they come to the realization that White directors may find more than small White women to be sexy in these pictures.I could imagine what they were thinking that they had nothing to worry about as long as the actresses were like this. I bet if Cameron Mayhem starred on there it would be business as usual.

    By right, this should anger me reading this,but im not.To some degree,I find it to be amusing.It wasn't supposed to happen to Black women,but it is and always have.Why get pissed at Black women.If anything, they should be getting mad at the White men who put them in these positions?

  4. Oops ..I made a mistake by realizing that Julia is Sofia.


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