Black Women to Watch For, Pt. 1

Cast your ballots.  Take a guess on 1) whose show is going to get axed before the end of the first season, 2) who will end up in the Black Girls Club, 3) who will end up back in the Black Girls Club for an additional induction.

From Shadow and Act, by way of Hateya on the Blasian Narrative:
Aja Naomi King
"It's that time of the year... some quckie TV pilot casting news...

"First, relative newcomer Aja Naomi King has been cast in the CW’s medical drama pilot, First Cut (yay, another TV medical drama) which centers on the life of a doctor, fresh out of medical school, who works at a hospital.

"Ms King will play a surgical intern."

Amber Stevens
"Best known for playing Ashleigh on the ABC Family show Greek, actress Amber Stevens has nabbed a lead role in the planned CW drama pilot Joey Dakota.

"Stevens (who is repped by talent agency du jour ICM) will star in the role of Maya on Joey Dakota, which is basically the U.S. version of the popular Israeli show Danny Hollywood.

"Joey Dakota, a romantic-time-travel-musical, centers on Maya, a documentary filmmaker who travels back in time to the 1990s where she meets and falls in love with the rock star subject of her film.

"When she unexpectedly returns to present day, she must find her way back to the past to reunite with her love and prevent his untimely death."

Carmen Ejogo
"Zero Hour centers on Hank Foley who, after spending 20 years as the editor of Modern Skeptics magazine, becomes involved in one the most compelling conspiracies in human history when his wife is kidnapped. Ejogo will play the FBI agent investigating the kidnapping who may have her own agenda."

Danielle Nicolet
"It's going to be difficult (thankfully) to complain about the lack of diversity on TV this year if a lot of the pilots that have cast black actors in the past few weeks get picked up by the networks. And ABC just made it a little more difficult with the casting of Danielle Nicolet for their pilot, White Van Man.

"White Van Man, a comedy based on the UK format of the same name, is about Tony (Kyle Bornheimer), who is forced to put his dreams on hold in order to take over the family handyman business from his father. Deadline is reporting that Nicolet (3rd Rock From The Sun, The Starter Wife) will play the sister of one of Tony’s co-workers."

Freema Agyeman
"The CW scored major viewer points this weekend when they announced that Doctor Who and Torchwood alum Freema Agyeman will be joining the cast of its planned pilot The Carrie Diaries, a prequel, of sorts, to the Sex & The City series.

"Deadline reports that The Carrie Diaries is based on Candace Bushnell’s novel, and chronicles Carrie Bradshaw’s coming of age in the 1980s when she asks her first questions about love, sex, friendship and family while exploring the worlds of high school and Manhattan. Agyeman will play the role of Larissa, Carrie’s mentor, a hip, cutting-edge editor/party girl who works at Interview magazine.

"Many sci-fi fans will know Agyeman from her time spent on DW and TW as Martha Jones, and later in the series as Dr. Martha Jones-Smith. Agyeman is widely considered to have been the first official companion of African descent in the history of the Doctor Who series; a fact famously disputed by Agyeman's co-star and onscreen husband Noel Clarke, who played Mickey Smith, a character who rode in the Doctor's TARDIS before Martha.

"More recently, Agyeman has been seen as attorney Alesha Phillips, on ITV's Law & Order: UK."

Gabrielle Union
"BET has given a pilot order to what will be an hour-long series from the Akils, which will follow the professional and private family life of a black woman, who is also the host of a popular Atlanta-based talk show host.

"Today, it's been announced that Gabrielle Union has been hired to play the lead in Single Black Female.

"The fact that it'll be an hour-long show is worth noting. How many hour-long scripted drama series does BET air, or has BET ever aired?"

Rochelle Aytes
"Mistresses, a U.S. version of the popular British format that has been previously seen on BBC America, is described as a provocative thrilling drama that finds four women with scandalous romantic lives, caught in storms of excitement and self-discovery, secrecy and betrayal, and at the mercy of the complex relationships they’ve created. Aytes has been cast as April, a recent widow raising two daughters and running a high-end linen shop on Robertson Boulevard. A 2009 Lifetime Channel pilot based on the same series also featured Aytes in a lead role. Mistresses is looking at a summer 2013 debut."

Sanaa Lathan
"Sanaa Lathan has joined the cast of the Starz drama series Boss (which stars Kelsey Grammer as ruthless Chicago mayor Tom Kane) in a regular role to start during the second season of the show.

"Ms Lathan will play a character named Mona, Mayor Kane’s "incorruptible new chief of staff, who becomes an obsession for him," as Deadline describes it."
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  1. Thoughts? 'Cause personally, I fear for Freema; women of color don't tend to fare well on the CW.

    Gabrielle has had two shows not last past season one.

    I'm not really surprised that Danielle hasn't gotten more attention in her career, despite her amazing looks and talent.

    Sanaa comes and goes and wonder if that's deliberate. I wish she did more work, and I hope this show pans out, considering Kelsey Grammer's last show bombed horribly.

    Aja, Amber, Rochelle, and Carmen are all new to me, so this should be interesting.

  2. I have a feeling all of the shows on this thread will get axed. It really pains me to even type that, but the fact that I have seen no promos for any of these shows speaks volumes. "Boss" may hang in there. Sanaa may just make it for awhile.

    Beautiful black actresses represented in this thread. Wish I could see more of them on major networks on primetime.

  3. I would like to add Nicole Beharie, who's been quietly doing her thing under the radar. Remember American Violet? I remember watching that like "Damn that's how you stand up to institutional racism."

    Nicole has shown, so far, that she doesn't compromise. When she does BW/WM it's done right.She generally plays confident mature no BS women who are in charge of their sexuality and let the men in their life know it, as she did in her role in Shame(which also had a black director, Steve Mcqueen!) where she stole the few pivotal scenes she was in. I love a narrative where the woman lets a man know that if he wants what she has to offer he needs to work for it and prove he deserves it, not this desperation "what will I do without a man" that is shoved down our throats by the mainstream movie industry.

    And last I heard she is dating the hotness that is Fassbender*sighs*( the hating comments in her youtube clips are priceless. Gotta love a sister who's beauty and grace inspire such desperation in racist trolls.)

    Hollywood better not F*** up her career. I'm putting them on notice that I will cut a mofo.

  4. I forgot to mention Nicole Beharie is currently on "The Good wife."


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