Darker Sisters: Daphne

Feel free...to hate on me.
Name: Daphne

Seen in: Akira's Hip Hop Shop (2007)

Portrayed by: Emayatzy Corinealdi

Role: Love interest, aspiring career woman

Verdict: Pass, with flying colors

Props to the whole team from Akira's Hip Hop Shop, actually.  We have a dark chocolate actress cast in a lead.  She has a love interest.  He's Asian, which breaks from the tired, often not-well-done BW/WM pairing.  And even better, the Asian in question is the smoking hot James Kyson Lee.  The way they relate to each other is healthy and mutually respectful.  Other than the fact this was a short film, there's pretty much nothing to complain about (aside for the tired can-these-two-different-races-make-it-work-trope).

Not to mention, they have a love scene.  Finally, a sensuous Blasian love scene often denied viewers.


  1. I loved these two together. They had amazing chemistry and you can tell James was really feeling her in that kissing scene!

    I'm convinced the only reason we saw some loving is because there was a person of color behind the camera. If the Hughes Brothers directed "Ninja Assassin" instead of the Wachowski Brothers, Raizo would have broken Mika off!

    I'm still pissed off about Raizo and Mika. lol

  2. That love scene...total fire. Total. I want to be kissed like that.

    1. I've always said he kisses like he means it. I wonder why he hasn't had more love scenes.

  3. Ugh, kind of off topic but related to the whole darker sisters category as a whole, have you seen the trailers for the "Dark Skin" documentary? Colorism is a thing, but I do NOT like the way this has been handled.

    Any thoughts on that? I'm just thinking it's going to turn into another debacle where you have a lot of white people thinking that they have us all figured out, and I swear, I will be hurting some feelings if I get someone trying to comfort me b/c I was born with dark skin...

    1. I too have seen the trailer and am not a fan in the least. Its really over-dramatic like a "Feed the Children" special.

    2. I'm annoyed with how it's been handled as well, and yes...hurt all the feelings you need to.


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