Darker Sisters: Tara Thornton

DAMN, she's fine!!!
Name: Tara Thornton

Seen in: True Blood (2008)

Portrayed by: Rutina Wesley

Role: A character full of fail.

Verdict: EPIC FAIL

Keep in mind that today, I finished a series of vomit-inducing posts on people of color in The Vampire Diaries.

One of the original Inductees of the Black Girls Club, Rutina's been cursed for four years, playing the hideous role of Tara Thornton.  I've only just begun watching the show and already I can smell the WTF.  It also helps that I've been reading about the show for years now, which why I already know she's a character full of fail.

I mean, let's run down down the list of tropes, shall we?  She's the best friend and that is the crux of her identity.  She's sassy, loud, and impulsive.  She's the rebound girl/the second choice, the lonely girl, and ultimately, the human shield.  Also, this isn't the first time time we've seen a high profile female character of color turn lesbian after a failed/series of failed relationships with men.  Understand this: there's nothing wrong with being a lesbian.  In fact, I would've preferred if Tara had started out as as lesbian, because I don't like this whole "lesbians are just women who can't make it work with a man" bullshit.

On the upside, her girlfriend's Asian, so...*nods to all the Blasians*.

Wonder how her husband likes her new onscreen love interest.
Aside for her taste women (nice choice, Tara!), her characterization leaves volumes to be desired.  It's always infuriating to see such a dark goddess cast in such a lacking role.  Here's hoping the paycheck's nice.


  1. I can't believe you're inflicting torture on yourself after the hot bowl of shit that was TVD.

    And how much you want to bet that Tara's new love won't last? *puts a bottle of premium vodka on the table* They will find a way to ruin it for her. She's not meant to be happy.

  2. don't worry about the hubby. i've been keeping him occupied while wifey is away. hey, if she can switch teams, so can he.

    *grins mischeviously*

    1. Is that her husband in the picture ? Not bad...she should show him off more in public. It would piss off a LOT of white women, which is always fun...

    2. Yep, that's hubby, and you KNOW part of the wrath she's received from fandom has to do with their marriage. I mean, he's not just white, but white-white. He's exactly the type of dude these white girls want to take home to mommy and daddy and plan a wedding for half a mil.

      But not only is he on the arm of a Black woman, but a dark-skinned Black woman. Ain't no fakin' it there; he wanted a dark chocolote sistah and was unwilling to accept any substitutions.

  3. *slaps Neo five over cyberspace*

  4. Y'all need to quit.



  5. I'll just say she's lovely. Lovely enough that white people want to regularly ask what her "ethnicity" is b/c of course, regular old American dark-skinned black can never be gorgeous.

    I think my go to answer for that is going to be, "Hey, undiluted black was good enough for your great-grandaddy..."

    But I look forward to your future post b/c your Spidey sense ain't lying here...

    1. I don't think there will be one. I made it halfway through the second ep and just had to stop.

  6. Don't sit through all of True Blood. I feel for you Ankh, poor baby, that show is beyond a mess.

  7. I had to stop watching True Blood near the beginning of the third season. I just couldn't take the fail anymore. Both the woman fail and the Tara fail. Sookie was getting the hell on my nerves (note to the writers: when your viewers stop rooting for the heroine, you know you've got a problem). Actually, I lost respect for Sookie in the first season when she had sex with Bill on the side of a grave after he'd just climbed out of the dirt. *gags*

    And despite what they say, no one can tell me that the fandom Tara hate wasn't all about her being black. Because after the terrible characterization that she had to put up with, Tara should have been getting nothing but love and sympathy.

    1. I maintain her real life hubby had something to do with that.

      Which is probably why she's put up with the BS for so long. She has her man and her money, and nothing's going to change that.

  8. So started off watching True Blood because I had already read all the books and in the books Tara is not black. She is a little bit of a mess but its because her dead parents were emotionally abusive. When I saw that they casted a black actress I thought, "Yeah, they decided not to be restricted by the original character!" But the word FAIL doesn't even begin to describe how mad I am about what they did to the character, she has redeeming qualities but there are no words for the negative aspects that they added to her character. I actually am hoping that they kill her character off, even though she is not dead in the books.

    I am still watching out of my love for Charlene Harris' books but I agree with you when it comes to Tara and Rutina.


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