Gothic Sisters: Kendra the Vampire Slayer

Kendra Young (Bianca Lawson) is an Inductee of the Black Girls Club not because of certain fans' reaction to her, but because she represents one of the most infamous bouts of fail in the Whedonverse.

If you're a fan of Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1997), then you'll recall that the writers toyed with various Slayers to show how their environment shaped who they were as Slayers.   For example, Buffy was the whiny blonde.  Her suburbian upbringing left with her an extremely annoying sense of entitlement.  Faith was the bad girl, borne of an abusive alcoholic mom and an absentee dad. Since she'd never known what it was like to have someone give a fuck about her, she couldn't give two shits about the rest of the world.

Dana was kidnapped as a child by the man who murdered her parents in front of her.  She was held hostage for an extended period and tortured.  After spending adolescence and early adulthood in a mental institution, she breaks out and practically starts killing everyone in sight.

But Kendra...ah, Kendra.

Kendra's parents gave her up to her Watcher when she was a small child, so that she could focus solely on being a Slayer.  With no distractions from her calling, Kendra actually became the ideal Slayer.  Her technique was flawless, her style was unemotional, and she whooped Buffy's ass.  Buffy actually had to call for a time-out.   When Kendra died, there was an uproar amongst her fans which I would've never imagined.  Over a decade later, fans still haven't forgiven the writers for killing her character, nor have they accepted any of the offered reasons for why she "had" to die.

Besides, we already know why.  Creating the perfect Slayer defeated the purpose of keeping Buffy; the writers sort of shot themselves in the foot when they created this character.  Why have Buffy continue to do what she does when someone else can do it so much better?


  1. Moi, may I write an article on Danai Gurira, who will be playing Michonne on amc's the Walking Dead b/c she supposedly this BAMF character in the comics, wielding a sword and handling zombies like a boss( her first apperance was actually during the show's second season's finale where she saved Andrea, a WW, from a hoard of walkers(zombies) whilst dragging two amputated walkers by the neck with chains, all the while wearing a hood, obscuring her face.) I ask b/c i believe she'll be a new inductee to the Black Girl's Club despite the fact that she is fan favorite when it comes to the comics. But on the show? I'm not sure, espeacially with the fact that, after such a brief apperance, she being shipped with another BAMF character, Daryl Dixon( who was only created for the show and doesn't appear in the comics. He's a wm and his fan girls are cary-cray). I ask to contribute as well.

  2. Look how young Bianca looks next to the other actresses.

    1. And she hasn't aged a bit. Girl who played Buffy on the other hand . . . emaciated and pasty looking.

    2. FOR REAL. Bianca simply refuses to age.

  3. My goodness, she's stunning. Stunning.

  4. Kendra is my all-time favorite character from the Buffyverse. I love Buffy, I do but Kendra was the She-Giles. All business which was refreshing.

    I think they could've kept Kendra around and still had Buffy. Perfect example of how it could've worked, look at Harry Potter and Hermione Granger.

    When it comes to innate ability, instinct, hands down Buffy and Harry have the edge in those regards. But when it comes skill and talent, Hermione and Kendra are the ideals.

    Kendra deserved better.

    When you compare Buffy and Kendra, it's ultim

    1. Faith was my bottom bitch. I maintain Doug Petrie really took his time writing her because he KNEW fans were still pissed about Kendra.


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