Jaden of "Nikita"


Tiffany Hines as "Jaden" (really hate that name by the way) irked me to no end on the CW's Nikita.  Don't be fooled by the constant use of her name in the opening credits; she's missing from quite a few episodes (first fail).  Secondly, she's the irrationally angry black woman (second fail).

And third...she's into the white guy who's into the white girl who's not into the white guy (third fail).  Lastly, the white girl falls for a different white guy who ends up shooting Jaden when the white girl seriously fucks up.

Next-level fail.

Nevertheless, I adore Tiffany Hines.  She can't take an ugly picture, and she fights like an Amazon.  She doesn't take shit from anyone, she doesn't back down from a fight, and she's willing to sacrifice herself to complete a mission.

So naturally, just when she's promoted to a full-fledged agent who would be a damn good assassin, she gets killed.  Keep in mind she was tapped for recruitment because she offed the man she was seeing.  They thought she "showed initiative".  *shakes head and sighs*

Thanks to Tanya from Mortal Kombat, I've been getting really inspired by the thought the black girl being the "bad girl", not just the mean-angry-bitchy girl.  You know, the bad-ass  villain or kick-ass anti-heroine.  I would've loved to see Jaden in multiple seasons.

After all...I could never get tired of that face.

RIP Jaden


  1. What happened to her was complete and total bullshit. Jaden would have owned Alex's pasty ass easy...was, in fact, owning it before Blondie showed up.

    I was pretty much done with Nikita after that.

    1. "I was pretty much done with Nikita after that."

      I was going to watch Nikita but when I started watching it, Jaden was already dead and she's the only reason I'd watch it. :/ So I just forgot about it.

    2. They've now introduced actress Erica Gimpel as the creator of Division in Season 2. It's like just when you're about to switch off the show, the writers scramble to find some reason to bring you back.

      Already Nikita's expected to be canceled soon, which is sad because it had sooooooooo much potential.

  2. What keeps bringing my back to this character was the "angry for no reason" trope. Come on CW - can we get some details with that bullshit?

  3. RIGHT! What was all that about????


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