J'adore Vanessa James

(Thanks, MM!)

Vanessa James is a British-French figure skater.  As one of our Facebook posters pointed out, we ought to show her some love and attention, considering what happened the last time we had an incredible Black skater.

Vanessa James (I love hearing French commentators say her name) has been a single skater, but now does pair skating.  She was paired with Yannick Bonheur, making them the first Black couple skaters to participate in the Winter Olympics.  The two eventually ended their partnership, however, and Vanessa now skates with Morgan Cipres.

Check her out on Facebook.

With Yannick Bonheur

Skaters and their positions have always made
me raise an eyebrow.

With Morgan Cipres.

Fans called this one "hot."


  1. Suryla was amazing. She really knew how to do them backflips. I think she still performs occasionally in Las Vegas.

    Although they seemed to make more mistakes in the first video I thought they had more chemistry there. Made about the same amount of mistakes, though most errors we hers in the second rather than somewhat equally shared in the first.

    The "hot" picture is nice. They look relaxed and comfortable.

    Haha, second picture, I think they're in the process of executing a move. So you're just seeing a very interesting snapshot haha.

    1. Surya is pure legend.

      As for Vanessa; I have hopes for her. I hope she tightens her game, and I hope she and Cipres get more confident in their routines. They do look comfortable though.

  2. Surya Surya Surya...*waves flag* Never be another badass like her.

  3. The figure skating world hated that she could do that back flip. I remember watching figure skating with my family I was probably around 6 years old. I remember my dad was upset at how she got points off for doing her back flip. But Surya really made an impression on me. She was an athlete I looked up to as a child. Her and Dominique Dawes!

    1. Luckily, Surya's fanbase was vast and devoted, 'cause Lord knows the judges hated her. They hated her when she was a gymnast, and they hated her even more as a world-class figure skater.

      Dominique Dawes is a goddess who never got the appropriate due. Watching her tumble was jaw-dropping; she made everyone else look boring as hell.

    2. "Dominique Dawes is a goddess who never got the appropriate due. Watching her tumble was jaw-dropping; she made everyone else look boring as hell."


  4. Surya was a goddess on the ice. I adored her and she made me want to try ice skaing but alas, I grew up in Florida.

  5. Hi,

    This is Vanessa James! I was so surprised to see this site! I love it and I really appreciate all of your support. Thank you so much! I am still working hard and I hope to make all of you proud this season and until the next Olympics!

    Gros BISOUS!!! kisses


  6. I love this pair they are very creative and I love their style as I watched clips of the Olympic games with her and James her last partner I noticed where James missed that double Seco but Morgan dropped her in one of their competitions strong lady has been thrown in the air dropped but still an strong lady happy new year Vanessa stay strong


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