Meeting DN

I've been wondering where the best place to publish this post was, and decided on here.  When Cinnamon proposed this blog, communication between the members and readers was tantamount.  I'm now tacking on meeting as well.

Some of you may know blogger DN; she used to write for the Blasian Narrative, and currently maintains her own blog, DN in Korea.  For Black women interested in living, working, and dating in South Korea, that's a good blog to read.

So way back in January, I had the pleasure of meeting with DN on my birthday.  We'd been speaking online since 2010, and this was the first time we ever met.  She was in from Korea and had driven four hours to get to Houston.  We met at a Starbucks near my house, and my first thought meeting her was the same thought I had meeting Amaya Radjani for the first time - This heffa's taller than me!

She was very sweet, very energetic, and full of hilarious stories about her kids (students), and guys she's met in Korea.  In fact, she had this really cute guy's picture on her phone, but because of his age, she's decided not to pursue anything...even though he's offered.  See, DN is a highly moral, very self-disciplined woman surrounded by all these wonderful men who are into her and yet doesn't indulge.  *shakes head*

DN's mom, in the meantime, was waiting for her friend.  When she and her friend approached the coffee shop, I smiled at them.  The friend came over and hugged me asking how I was.  DN's mom laughed, explaining I wasn't DN.

I had to work so our visit was painfully short, which upset me for the rest of the day.  In fact, I bitched about it so much at work that they let me off early, but by then DN was gone.  However, it was all good; we made plans to see other again in May-ish (she'll be back in the states), I'm planning to visit her in Korea next summer...right in time for Rain's comeback tour.

DN's more than ready to go.


  1. "I'm planning to visit her in Korea next summer...right in time for Rain's comeback tour."

    :O Take me with you!!

  2. If all goes as I hope, DN won't be the only woman you're visiting in Korea.

  3. Makes me think about all the other guys I have not told you about in mt travels. Maybe I should make a post about them. There is enough to make a series possibly.


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