Sci-Fi Sisters: Alexa Woods

Any fans of Alien vs. Predator (2004)?

Words cannot express how shocked I was when I realized Sanaa Lathan was not only the heroine of this film, but the last one standing of a doomed crew.  Even better, the role wasn't specifically written for a Black woman.  Sanaa was simply deemed better than every other actress who auditioned for the role.  God, were the casting agents right!!!!


  1. Loved her in this movie but the predator could have totally dropped her off closer to civilization at the end.

    1. Yeah!!! What was up with that?????

    2. Far as I'm concerned, she could have went back to Yautja Prime with them, and been rightfully recognized and respected as a warrior.

  2. I still haven't seen this movie yet. It's heartening to hear that she didn't die (wonder of wonders). *off to add to my Netflix list*


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