Star Trek: Captain Kasidy Yates

Fans of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - arguably the best of all the Trek series (from a POC perspective anyway) will remember Captain Kasidy Yates, portrayed by the beautiful Penny Johnson.

Character Pros

1) Yates captained her own freighter ship.  She was an independent career woman, and she made decisions which stayed true to herself, rather than simply to please her significant other.

2) Yates was athletic; she devoutly played baseball like a pro.

3) Yates was the unapologetic ally of the rebellious Maquis.  She did not explain or justify why she smuggled medical supplies for them, and stood by her convictions even when she had to go to prison for a year.

Character Cons

1) Unfortunately, what people tend to remember about her the most is that she was Captain Sisko's love interest.  While everyone else was out doing things, her life became all about him.  The show ended with her quitting her job, getting married, and getting pregnant. - Epic fail.

2) Little else is known about Yates, as we saw her very little.  Aside for baseball, we don't know any other hobbies of hers.  We know she had a brother, but we learned nothing else about her family or origins.

3) Aside for this dress (and her wedding dress), Kasidy Yates was often clad in some truly hideous outfits.

4) Why are Black women in the 24th Century still perming their hair?

Final Verdict

Mm-hm; nice try.  A free-spirited freighter captain deserves her own show, rather than simply being reduced to someone else's love interest.  "Love interest" is not a purpose; it's a sign of lazy and often sexist writing.  Amaya and I are currently enaged in a DS9 marathon and one of our recurring discussions is that Yates was a grossly underused character who ironically had so much potential.  Furthermore, Penny Johnson is a clearly beautiful woman and an excellent actor.  She was much too good for this role.

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