Athletic Sisters: Meet Tia Norfleet

I first heard of Tia Norfleet when she did an interview on Joe Madison's show a few months ago. 

She was both awesome and awe-inspiring.

From The Grio:

In 2012, despite the myriad of records and firsts for African-Americans in sports, one franchise has yet to see its first African-American female member: NASCAR drivers. Twenty-four-year-old Tia Norfleet, as the daughter of professional racecar driver Bobby Norfleet, is determined to take that historic drive one day soon.

"My finest memory of my racing experience would be when I was about five. I had a little Corvette car, and my dad put two car batteries in it. I literally drove that car until the wheels fell off. Ever since then, I've just been so enthused about motorsports," she said on her website.

Norfleet grew up in Virginia, but now lives in Georgia -- and she's all about making her mark on history and recognizing those who paved the way for her. As part of this mission, she wears the number 34 in honor of the late Wendell Scott, the legendary racer who was the first African-American to race and win in what's now called the Sprint Cup Series.

Tia Norfleet is making history as... the first and only woman to be issued a NASCAR license in the organization's 63-year history. While that is a huge accomplishment, Norfleet continues to work toward her goal of becoming the first black female driver.

What's next for Tia?

Norfleet continues to pursue her ultimate goal. She has not yet qualified for long-distance races, such as Daytona and Talladega; plus, she needs millions of dollars to fund a racing crew and the dozens of cars needed for NASCAR competitions. 
Okay, I have never watched a NASCAR race a day in my life (I don't relish the thought of watching cars going around in a circle for hours at a time), but to see a fabulous black woman kicking ass and taking names on the track (not to mention making history)?

Yeah...I'd definitely watch that.

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I've discovered that Tia Norfleet has her own website and is on both Facebook and Twitter.


  1. Damn, she's fine!!!!! She kicks so much ass!!!!

    1. That she does, Ankh. That she does.

    2. Let's see if she gets as much play as Danika Patrick. *not holding my breath*

    3. @cinnamo I agree!! Let's see if she gets as many commercials etc.

    4. @Ankh

      Oops, spelled it wrong. Danica Patrick is a white female race car driver who is very popular and pretty famous. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danica_Patrick)

    5. In that case, she won't. In fact, I foresee a lot of random, unnecessary obstacles getting thrown in Tia's way out of the blue & for no damn reason.

  2. yay! im from daytona, so i logically love nascar. i'd love to see her in a big race. we need a new face for both female and black drivers in stock car racing. danica is cute, but the woman *can*not* drive.

  3. gorgeous and she is breaking barriers


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