Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

Detective Joss Carter
So...Thursday is the Black girls' night, with Taraji Henson on Person of Interest (2011) and Kerry Washington on Scandal (2012).

We'll start with Det. Carter.

Last night's episode opened with a semi-witty banter between John Reese and Carter about.  The topic of their conversation was trust, and Carter made an off-hand remark about how she wants to know where their relationship is going.  She was, of course, speaking professionally.

After that, she sort of disappears for the rest of the episode.  I mean, yeah, she dips in and out, but I could count her appearances on one hand.

This is a good show, but it needs some improvement in the area of Det. Carter.  Instead of constantly telling the audience how she works with Finch and Reese, and how they plan to bring her on board for more and more of their missions, um...show us.  We need more of her, especially now that the writers clearly insist upon bringing back Reese's ex and his ex-partner from the CIA, both white and female.

*rolls eyes*  JJ Abrams - you oughta know better.

Olivia Pope
And then there's Scandal.

I'll be honest; I wasn't too sure about this show.  You're telling me they couldn't hire a hotter dude to play the President?  And what's with all the unrealistic speechifying?  People don't listen that all shit; come on now.

But episode really got me looking forward to episode 5; we got to see an Olivia Pope that was a little more real.  When she learned that Amanda Tanner (a.k.a. the last pussy the Prez wiped his dick on before tossing her out the window) is pregnant, we saw Olivia start to unravel and suck down red wine in record time.  We saw her crying and shaking and not constantly being the unrelenting know-it-all we already know she's not.

Washington shone in the role, reminding viewers of why they're fans of the actress.

Episode 4 below confirms that yes, his Chief of Staff is a gay man (and yay - his speech/rant is the best of the series so far), shows the President "declaring war" on Olivia, and also lets us know how just far people will go to get rid of an ex-fuck buddy.



  1. Oh, I don't know, how long would it be believable that all of those men could work long hours with HER without making the moves? And then we'd get lots of white female hate male about how annoying she is...

    So I don't know much about this show but I think you can only have a sexy black lady on screen for so long or people get upset.

    1. Which one are you referring to? Scandal or POI?

    2. POI... I saw about 20 mins of Scandal and I was like, why exactly is Kerry Washington the side piece for this dude who opted to marry a plain white chick?

    3. Didn't you know? Being Prez has it's perks. You get to bring an uppity Negress to heel.

      I'm really disliking their relationship. I look at Tony Goldwyn smooching her and it just makes me ill.

      Shonda Rhimes, that was a fail, boo-boo.

    4. I wonder if Ms. Rhimes is using this fail of a 'relationship' as a plot device for some serious character development for Pope? Cuz...an established, independent career woman being the married President's bed wench isn't a good look, no matter what angle you take. I'm hoping this is a character-wake-up-call for Pope, so to speak.

    5. Yes, but why does a character that we just met need "character development"?
      She is successful, very good-looking, so why is she introduced taking scraps from a mediocre white man, president or not.

      I don't really understand why a black female writer would do this to a black female character, b/c you know, when white female characters are cheating cheaters, they certainly don't get put in their place or treated like they need to "improve". They usually get the man.

    6. I don't really understand why a black female writer would do this to a black female character

      Apparently Rhimes has a tendency to write from mistresses' point of view. Um...okay. I don't get the fetish, but while it worked on GA, it's not working here.

      This is why I have a love-hate relationship with Rhimes. I get that she has to be careful and all, but this was unnecessary. I don't get how the Big Bad Olivia Pope would willingly roll around in the sack with someone else's leftovers. I mean, really? Really?

      It better be over. We better not see her snogging the Prez after this. She better hook up with that Scottish dude who's clearly never going to marry his fiancee.

  2. I can see how your comment applies to Scandal as well though. I often wondered if Olivia's colleague, the Scottish fellow, harboured feelings for her because he hesitated to get his fiance a ring. He also appears to be the one that she is closest to.

    And I hope JJ Abrams isn't trying to appease anyone. If Carter gets written out or killed off, I will stop watching. She really needs become a more integral part of their team. It seems like Fusco is making more progress than she is. I would like to see more interaction between Finch/Carter/Reese.

    1. . If Carter gets written out or killed off, I will stop watching. She really needs become a more integral part of their team. It seems like Fusco is making more progress than she is.

      THANK YOU!!!!

  3. OMG I LOVE Scandal just LOVE it...and I friggin LOVE Kerry Washington...I don't see it at all as Olivia getting some white womans left overs its is very clear to me that Olivia LEFT the Prez for the good of the country or whatever reason...and he is still jonesing for her...and the first lady not only knows about it but does not care since it is a marriage for political ambition...she is Hillary reloaded for 2012...But any show that shows a powerful, successful, gorgeous black woman in a featured role...will always have my viewership...

    1. Hey, you! Good to see you here.

      I guess where our fellow commenters are coming from is a place of why does the Black woman have to be the mistress? Her leaving the Prez doesn't change the fact that they were together while he was married, which isn't cool, regardless of the nature of his marriage.

      In a previous post, I quoted an analysis from another blogger who pointed out that even though Olivia is quite powerful, she's still not as powerful as the President. The only thing really keeping him from having the likes her assassinated quietly is his belief that she's the love of his life. Take that belief away....

  4. I'll admit to being surprised that new fanfiction for Scandal has already been written. Sometimes shows with black leads have a tendency to be ignored by the fandom, so yup...color me surprised. And not surprisingly--or surprisingly depending on how you look at at it--fangirls are already shipping the hell out of the president and Olivia.

    Honestly, I just don't see it. Putting aside the fact that I don't find him that attractive or worthy of Olivia, their "relationship" just isn't healthy. For either one of them. I guess it's easy to romanticize an affair with the POTUS, but ask Monica Lewinsky how that turned out.

    I'm not sure where Rhimes is going with this because it's obvious that the Prez still has deep feelings for her, but what's Olivia's end game here? I'm sure that Rhimes has something up her sleeve, but for the life of me I can't figure out what. Realistically, I don't see how they can have this wonderful Fitz/Olivia reunion as a lot of fangirls seem to want. I too hope that she gets with the Scottish guy, the cop or someone we have yet to meet. It was also good to see her show some real emotion and vulnerability this week. I hope we see more. (BTW...they only made seven eps for this season, so we don't have too many more to go).

  5. I don't watch POI because I didn't see any POC in any of the commericals when they were advertising it as a new show, so I had no idea that Taraji was even in it. I'll watch it when it comes out on DVD and then start watching it live next season (if it gets renewed).

    The fangirls are also shipping Reese and Carter pretty hard from what I can see on FF.net. I wonder if JJ & Co. will eventually make that happen or is Reese still too hung up on his ex to even notice that Carter is a very attractive woman along with being a kick-ass cop?

  6. The Scottish fellow's name is Stephen Finch. I agree with commenters who would rather see Olivia with somebody else. I can see why Fitz loves Olivia. I don't quite get why she loves him. I hope to see more Olivia/Finch or, as another commented stated, see something develop between her and the DA.


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