Dark Girls, Gothic Sisters

So I'd been meaning to make a video (y'all know how I love to make videos) featuring Golden Brooks as she appeared in The Inheritance (awful movie, by the way), Fefe Dobson, Rihanna from her "Disturbia" infamy, and En Vogue in a video only the old remember.

In fact, I remember watching En Vogue's video as a Gothed-out teen myself, worshiping the goddesses in all their morbid glory.  *sigh* The 90s were a good time to grow up.

Anyhoo, something was holding me back, delaying the vid.  Then I heard "Darkest Point" by Paul Dateh, and fell madly in love.  It was the corset which completed the outfit.


  1. I miss the 90's because back then, the biggest names in black music could actually sing (and usually dance too.

    Tell me again why Rihanna has a career...

    1. Because she sucks all the right dicks.

    2. But you're right...1990s was like a Golden Era. Give me Salt-n-Pepa over Nikki Minaj any day. I miss En Vogue like the dickens. Even La Bouche could belt a tune like nobody's business, and she was in friggin' techno, along with Real McCoy and Snap.

      And then there was TLC, Black Box, Soul II Soul, Whitney, Janet,...*sniff*.

    3. And even the 2nd tier acts could still sing...I mean there were so many girl groups. Hey, I used love some Jade.

      And I'm blanking on that really good group that had 3 women (I know that almost all of them), but I think they were actually somehow connected to Michael Jackson and I remember one of them had to retire b/c she had a serious illness.

      Remember Zhane? Rocking baldies in the 90's!!
      Brownstone...that's it.

      And I'm sorry, the En Vogue girls were talented AND beautiful. It is possible to be both.

      I have to say, I'm so tired of hearing the annointed golden one being hailed as the first every beautiful and talented black singer, esp. when her singing isn't so great in comparison to these girls from the 90's. But I guess, kill off the competition and you'll sound like Marian Andersen to the ears of people raised on pure crap.

    4. Ankh, what you said...both times. I miss those days.

    5. Makes you wonder what happened.


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