Justice for Rekia Boyd

Oh, no...we have not forgotten about this girl.  Her family has filed a wrongful death suit, but they still have a long way to go.  From the Final Call:
CHICAGO (FinalCall.com) - The family Rekia Boyd is part of a select and sad group: They are among Blacks who have lost loved ones to shootings but the shooters have not been arrested and are claiming self-defense. The 22-year-old was shot in the head by an off-duty Chicago detective March 21 and died of her gunshot wounds the day after.

She died less than a month after Florida teen Trayvon Martin was killed by a neighborhood watch captain who claimed he was attacked by the youth.

“They’re (authorities) justifying it in every way that they can, and they’re not trying to do anything about it whatsoever,” said Darian Boyd, the victim’s brother. “They still have not placed that man on restricted leave or done anything additional, yet they continue to say that they’re investigating the case, and this man is active all along.”

According to the Boyd family’s website, www.rightsforrekia.com, on that fateful night in Douglas Park in the North Lawndale area, Rekia was visiting with friends when Officer Dante Servin pulled up nearby around 1 a.m. in an unmarked car, “dressed in civilian clothes barking statements at Rekia Boyd and a group of associates and telling them to shut up.”

According to the family, the officer lifted his gun and fired about 10 rounds at the fleeing crowd, striking Antonio Cross in the hand as he talked on a cell phone and hitting Rekia in the head. The website says Officer Servin never identified himself as a police officer.

Mr. Cross says Officer Servin claims he thought his phone was a gun. The Chicago Police Department has not recovered any weapon, but Mr. Cross has been charged with misdemeanor aggravated assault. The case is under investigation by the Chicago Independent Police Review, whose Deputy Chief Administrator William Weeden refuses to say anything about the ongoing probe.

Mr. Boyd said his family has made numerous attempts to contact police about the events that led to Rekia’s death—but no one will talk to them.

In a recent march for Rekia, her family and supporters gathered at the District 10 Police Station where Mr. Boyd says they unknowingly encountered Officer Servin. There were two officers walking into the station, and his younger brother, Daunyell Boyd, approached them and said an officer had shot and killed his sister. Family members say they were appalled when one of the officers laughed and said, “So, I don’t care.” After identifying Officer Servin in an online photo, family members say he was the officer encountered during the vigil. “That was him that looked at them and laughed, and said, ‘So, I don’t care,’ ” said Mr. Boyd. “It was the most eerie feeling I ever got in my life!”

In an interview with a Chicago TV station, Police Superintendent Gary McCarthy called the shooting “justified,” outraging the Boyd family and supporters. In response to what they call a lack of fairness and concern, the family has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the city and Officer Servin. Their attorneys say the city may offer the family a settlement to avoid going to trial. In the meantime, the Boyd family continues to call for justice. “We just did a rally last weekend and we have one scheduled for next weekend in Iowa City as well,” said Mr. Boyd. “We’re just continuing this campaign, reaching out to as many organizations as we can.”
Remember that saying about how most cops go 20 years without ever shooting their guns? What happened?

While I would prefer the Boyd family receive unequivocal justice instead of some STFU money a settlement, I can't speak for them and I encourage them to do whatever's in their family's best interest.  In the meantime, Officer Piece-of-Shit Servin needs to rot in jail.

Cops have gotten way too trigger-happy here in the States, and that ish has got to go.  If we're going to have gun-toting law enforcement roaming the streets, they need to be sane, rational, and should only allow to shoot if someone's shooting at them first.  Not if they "appear" to be reaching for "something", but if it the gun is already out, clearly visible, and the perp is blasting away.

Killing random folks "just 'cause" should not only get a cop fired, but promptly thrown in jail.  The fact Servin's superiors ain't done diddly to him is grounds for a lawsuit with an endless number of zeroes.

There's a petition for Rekia Boyd on Change.org asking the Illinois Attorney General, the Chicago Police Department, and the US Attorney General to get off their asses and earn those tax dollars the citizenry practically throws at them.  From the petition:
Rekia Boyd and Antonio Cross were the victims shot by an off-duty Chicago police officer. Antonio survived, with injuries to his hand. Rekia, unfortunately, died. She was murdered for being an innocent bystander. Antonio Cross was charged with aggravated assault, even though no weapon was found. The off-duty cop has not been charged with anything. Only a short time after the brutal murder of Trayvon Martin, another case where justice is overlooked has arisen. This is by no means a "new" phenomena to the Black community. Our brothers and sisters get killed, blackmailed, sentenced to prison, and wrongly injured by those sworn to protect us: the police. We have witnessed it from Rodney King to Trayvon Martin. It is discussed in barbershops and among our friends about the injustice and down right brutality against Blacks and minorities in the United States. Signing a petition will not put an end to it but it will at least show that we are here, and that we will not tolerate this madness. Please do not simply re-post on Facebook or sign the petition. Make a change in your community to ensure this does not happen to your loved ones.

- Justice for Rekia Boyd


  1. Over the past few months I have become so depressed from reading these stories. Black folks may have to take it back to the Black Panther days and start patrolling our own communities. These vicious murders happen every day in communities of color. Here in New York they had "Racial sensitivity" training for the police department. What the hell is that going to do for some racist asshole with a damn badge?

    NYPD scares the shit out of me. Most of the police officers I see in this city are white. I see black folk pulled over for any and everything. It doesn't matter whether you come from the 'hood or live in a gated community. If your black, they're coming for your ass.

    A friend of mine was tailed by a police car with two white cops in it. They propositioned her for sex like she was a prostitute. Our black children go missing and no one gives a shit. We're being terrorized in our own neighborhoods. They've traded in white hoods with police uniforms and judge robes.

    Then we have to hear "Its always race with YOU people.", "You people are always playing the race card." Well guess who's holding the deck?

  2. This also makes me think of the number of black women that go missing and no one reports their stories on the 10 o'clock news. Black women are often accused of being drug addicts and prostitutes when we go missing. Or we just up and "Left." Even if she is an addict or a prostitute she's still a human being. I'm hating this country more and more everyday.

    1. Which leaves it to us to keep reporting these stories and listing the dead. We need to know. We need to be on the lookout. We need to maintain. The days of waiting for folks ended back in the 1960s.

  3. I've also been sad and depressed for some time now. We've all known that this crap happens far too often, but ever since Trayvon Martin's killing and the subsequent outcry for justice, we've heard story after story of these supposedly justified killings. It's like we've become fodder for target practice and no one gives a damn. Esp the justice system.

    Ordinary people feel so free to openly use racial slurs now, that it's like we're sliding back to the 50's. Or Reconstruction. We'd better all start watching our backs, because it's obvious that no one else is going to.

    1. Honestly, I just envision POC picking up arms and shooting any white folks on their property after this. White folks who are currently afraid need to be afraid, but this ish does not sit well in the morning.


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