Black Girls Left Out: Bonnie & Abby Bennett

Confession:  I've been keeping tabs on The Vampire Diaries.

Katerina Graham as "Bonnie"
We'll start with Bonnie because she's supposed to be a regular cast member.  However, even guest stars on the show get more screen time than this girl.  It's gotten to the point that whenever I actually see in her an episode, I blink in surprise.  While I was disappointed to learn Amber Riley hasn't left Glee, I'm even more disappointed to learn Katerina Graham hasn't left TVD.

Because if anyone were to make the headlines for storming off a set and never coming back, it ought to be she.

Katerina's role on TVD makes Taraji Henson's role on Person of Interest look like an award-winning gold mine.  And that right there tells you everything you need to know about what our sisters are dealing with in Hollywood.

I was genuinely surprised she made it to the last two eps of God-awful season 3.  And after all her fans repeatedly clamored for her to go all "Dark Willow" on the town, we actually got to see Bonnie taste some pretty dark magic...and enjoy it.  It's enough to make me curious about the next season.

Persia White as "Abby Bennett"
Okay, so...Persia White's career ain't been all that since the end of Girlfriends.  I can understand why she - and other lesser known actors of color - have been drawn to TVD and other shows like it: it's a paycheck, and it's a quick way to let people know they're here.  So I get it, and I forgive.

May these two make whatever money they can and get the hell off the CW - quick.


POC of the Vampire Diaries

The Vampire Diaries
Lucy Bennett


  1. Why don't you like Amber in Glee Ankh?

    1. Although Ankh can speak for herself, my guess is that she's thisclose to losing it over how Mercedes gets written/treated in the show. Don't get me started on those 'fans' who turned on her once she went from Background Black Girl to a more assertive character.

      Never watched the show, but I've seen the reactions via Tumblr. Man, people really lose their skulls once the one black girl isn't just a prop for the others (which is why I wasn't upset at the initial lack of colour on Girls, but that's another topic for another day).

    2. Pretty much. And I'm tired of these shows which use Black women as "lures."

      Amaya recently posted about 17 shows getting axed this week, and those shows were white as hell. Meanwhile, I recall in months past how black bloggers were skeptical of all the networks wooing black actors to TV. Well, now we know why. All-white TV wasn't holding anyone's interest so they need POC to trick the audience into watching.

      Then comes the inevitable fading - POI, TVD, Heroes...the list goes on.

    3. The link's not showing up right in the comment but here goes:


    4. Oh okay I see what you're saying. Fandoms have a way of showing their behinds when the resident black girl gets some shine.

  2. I must say I have been impressed with some Bonnie Bennett fans on tumblr. They have called out a lot of racism in the fandom, stood up to the writer Julie Plec and the actor that played Alaric. Then finally broke away from the TVD fandom and are strictly for Bonnie/Kat Graham calling themselves the Bennett Brigade. They know what's up coz the one Black girl in fandoms get the most hate and described the same way even though their personalities differ greatly?

    The Bennett brigade created fanmade trailers, scripts and posters for a spin off with Bonnie.

    Only thing is most of the people in the cast who don't belong there guess who they are?

    1. I'm impressed with them too. They do not play.


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