Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

Tonight, we'll start with Olivia Pope.

Noooooooooow we're in business. What started off shaky and unsure is now finally hitting its stride. Members of the Club, I'm officially a fan of Scandal.

This last ep was intense.  I mean, I didn't care about the parts with the airplane crash (they kind of just made me blink) but Huck's torture scene and the mystery of Amanda Tanner's death had me riveted.

The overall performances are improving as the actors get to know their characters a bit better.  Guillermo Diaz (Huck) in particular is a "dark horse" of an actor; I think viewers generally ignored him up until now, but will never make that mistake again.

The "misunderstanding" between Olivia and the Prez has finally cleared up, which is good, but I maintain I'm no fan of their relationship.  The fact that the Prez and his wife have a "political marriage" doesn't help; I just get the message that the only reason Olivia and the were even able to sustain a relationship was his wife allowed them to.  She gave them her tacit permission.  In short, the Black woman was generously awarded a man that the white woman didn't want.

Um...no.  Shonda Rhimes, that was a fail.  Somebody took a wrong turn somewhere and needs to fix it ASAP.

But anyhoo, here's the latest ep.  Feel free to weigh in.  The part where the Prez has to haggle with his bodyguards is pretty amusing.

And now...for Carter.

Carter, Carter, Carter.  Just what are we going to do about Det. Joss Carter?

These recent eps have been disappointing not just in the Carter department, but in the Finch department as well.  The Black woman and the nerdy guy are seriously getting shafted here.  Fusco got shafted in this ep too.

Carter, I've noticed, is being written as relevant-without-really-being relevant, and as the season finale approaches, I raise an eyebrow.  I'm getting the feeling that actress Taraji Henson was simply "the lure"; her presence draws the interest of women of color.  Her implied possible romance with Reese draws in white guys who like Black women, but who weren't likely to watch this show (for whatever reason).

And then, once the broad audience was comfortable established...cue shaftage.

Is anyone else wondering why Carter isn't seen dating anyone or getting hit on?  I've noticed something I call the Virgin Negress tendency.  Instead of portraying us as hypersexualized or altogether undesirable, there's this new trend slowly and subtly emerging in mainstream media attempting to portray Black women as these pure, virtuous women waiting to be plucked by the just the often white right guy.  He can be married, or divorced, or actively sexual somehow, but it's like she's being reserved just for him (or maybe one other white guy).

I'm surprised Carter's even allowed to have a son.  Daddy's never really talked about; it might as well have been an immaculate conception.

She really didn't get a chance to shine in these last two eps, and if you've watched the first several eps of this show, you can see what this is a problem.  In the area of shining, Henson's behind the rest of the cast.  This week's ep really didn't help.  It was the obligatory white-guy-mooning-over-his-dead-white -ex episode which reminds me...this is the second time actress Susan Misner has played the dead ex while her surviving lover starts working with a beautiful Black woman.  Think Night Stalker (2005), with Gabrielle Union and Stuart Townsend.

Which, of course, continues the trend of either implied or overt (but limited) BW/WM romance in mainstream media...of which oh-so-many of us are really sick and tired.

For one, stop implying.  Either make them a couple or don't.

And two, make them a healthy, stable, happy couple.  Not the white dude with his Black mistress.  It's 2012, people.  If we're going to do this, we either need to go hard, or go home.



  1. Hollywood has no clue how to create roles for us. I am not surprised by what is happening to Taraji's character on Person of Interest. The fact that she was missing from the Tv guide cover and some early commercials proves that something funny is going on.

    As far as Scandal, I can see your point about Amanda Tanner. It is a shame that she is with a married man. Guillermo is amazing as a character and I believe that he has feelings for Amanda.

  2. After last night, I love Huck. At first, he seemed like an adorable weirdo but with this new development shit just got real; he's a deadly dude and Olivia is not beyond using torture as I am sure she knows what Huck is capable of. Love the character development. I think the first lady is behind Amanda's death. Cannot stress how badly I want Fitz/Olivia to tank. Being some dude's side piece is NOT romantic. I hated how she hung up on Stephen.

    I never considered that Huck might love Olivia.

    I feel like some progress was made with Det. Carter since she knows that Reese is more than a human weapon. I hope that perhaps what the writers are trying to establish is trust because she did protect him. These little revelations, hopefully, will draw Joss closer to Finch/Reese. When Reese was talking about his dead ex and how she anchored him, it appears to me that Finch/Carter will humanize him because they both demonstrated that they care about him. I don't see much point in having Joss learn about Reese via Finch only to have her remain on the periphery.

    1. After last night, I love Huck. At first, he seemed like an adorable weirdo but with this new development shit just got real; he's a deadly dude and Olivia is not beyond using torture as I am sure she knows what Huck is capable of. Love the character development.

      Oh, yes. Wonder who they'll develop next and what skeletons they have. My eye's on the Black dude.

  3. I have loved Scandal from the day it aired. Yes, there were some points I found a bit unnecessary and down right cliché, but overall it has become one of my favorite shows and one of very few that I make a point to watch live. I like how the tone of the show is progressing. Each week we go deeper into the rabbit hole and find out more of the characters. I'm still unsure as to why they hired that whiney white chick, but I digress. I really don't care for the fact that they are playing this game of will she/won't she with the president. Okay they had something before but he is not that damn charming that she is still enamored with him. The Olivia character is supposed to be strong and when she's with the president all I can picture is her seated on the ground holding his leg and looking up to him like he's the end all, be all. Ugh! Never expected Amanda to be killed and I LOVED that Huck took the character turn like he did. It also lets me know that Olivia is not to be messed with. She is fully aware of what Huck is and what he does. Like @IIama, I too think that the presidents wife had something to do with Amanda's murder. If they don't pick this show up for another season I will be highly disappointed.

    Sorry can't comment on Carter, I've yet to watch the show. Once I saw the cover of the TV guide in the supermarket and Taraji wasn't anywhere to be found on the cover, I knew this wasn't the show for me. She's just the black face to appease the black people and apparently has no real role on the show.

    1. I really don't care for the fact that they are playing this game of will she/won't she with the president.

      I know, right???? We don't care. Hook her up with somebody else already.

  4. I totally think wifey is behind the murder. Shows you can't mess with her either.

  5. Ooooooo...I have not watched an episode of Scandal yet. The previews that I have seen left me interested. But this post has made me completely intriqued. I will definitely be checking out this series. Plus...I will use any excuse to watch Kerry Washington-I luv her!! I hope that I can play catch using my On-Demand feature.

    Regarding Person of Interest: I, too, am umderwhelmed with the progression of the 'relationship' between Carter and Reese. Add to this the fact that Carter hardly gets any screen time. And all I can say is... Boooooooooo {in my get it girl voice}

    1. "Scandal" is becoming quite decent while "Person of Interest" seems to be taking a couple of steps backward.

  6. Unfortunately, Scandal's ratings seem to be going down every week. Not a lot, but still going down. I'll truly be surprised if it gets renewed. Also, I pray to the heavens above that the previews for this weeks show were trying to be provocative and Olivia does not sleep with the president. I can't see myself being able to respect her character if she does (I don't care about him).

    And re POI...Hey, Ankh...how about some Reese/Carter fic? Come on...I know you would write a kick-ass story. You're not tempted? Not even a little?

    1. @Ankh

      Lol...of course not. I'm as serious as a heart attack. The fic on ff.net is aight, but I want awesome.

    2. Mmm...I dunno. I'm currently in a rather Blasian state of mind....

  7. Hi Ankhesen,

    Are you looking foward to watching SCANDAL and PERSON OF INTEREST this Thursday (September 27) when they return with their Season 2 premiere episodes? I love both shows, and the characters of Olivia Pope and Detective Carter are interesting. I hope that Olivia and Joshua Molina's characters develop a deeper bond and potential attraction this season. Shonda Rhimes upgraded Joshua to series regular for Season 2.

    Also, I hope that Detective Joss Carter is focused on a lot more on PERSON OF INTEREST during Season 2. From early reviews and snippets, it seems like she will have more screen time compared to the very lacking screen time at the end of Season 1.

    Are you planning to watch Lucy Lui on ELEMENTARY? It premieres after PERSON OF INTEREST on Thursday. However, it airs opposite SCANDAL. I will try to watch both.

    So, do you hope happens with the Pope and Carter characters during Season 2 of each respective show?

    1. I will be keeping tabs on the shows this falls. Black Girls Night Out is going to expand, not retract.


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