Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

Tonight, we'll begin with Carter.

Carter, Carter, Carter...Carter, Carter, Carter.


I don't know if Taraji took the week off during the filming of last night's ep or what...but there was damn near no Carter to be found in that ep, and they could have very easily written her in.


I watched this ep with my jaw on the floor, like, "Huh?  Really?  Then...what was the point of even casting her for this show?"

That being said, we have no choice but to move onto Olivia Pope.

I hate to break it to the Prez, but if you're married and fucking another woman on the side then, uh...the woman on the side is your mistress, whether you care for the term or not.

Shonda Rhimes, boo-boo, if you're trying to dig yourself out of this mistress hole you've dragged us all into...you failed.

This episode tried too much.  It tried to justify the entire show, and it tried to dig up and explain ancient history - the Prez's dead marriage, the beginning of the badly written affair, along with glimpses into the pasts of Olivia's team.  It also tried to give us personal time with Quinn and her "buddy", two people whom I'm fairly certain fans don't really care about.

This was the kind of information we needed spread out over season 2, not crammed into one ep from season 1.

What did you think?


Is Olivia Pope the new Sally Hemings?


  1. Taraji was cast simply to get props. They never had any intention on truly using her, IMO. She's collecting a check, but I hope she eventually gives those cretins the bird.

    As far as Scandal? I never liked the fact that Olivia is the president's jump off. I guess Shonda Rimes had to make some concession in order to get Scandal made. A sistah waxing the knob of the clearly unattractive Prez (they couldn't get Bruce Greenwood?) satisfies just enough fantasy that TPTB signed off on the show.

    /rant over

    1. They couldn't have cast Ben Miles????

      That sex scene was a fail.

  2. FYI ladies, Scandal has been picked up for season two. Hopefully they'll get rid of the dead weight and unnecessary plots and gets back to what I love most...Olivia shutting the opposition down.

    1. That's good news. A lot of sistahs I know love the show. I don't watch it for the aforementioned reasons, but I am glad to hear that it's been picked up for a second season. But, if we know anything about T-fucking-V, they are going to find a way to throw a couple of monkey-wrenches into the show and get it canceled.

    2. Ankhesen Mié - OMG I love the new look of the page. I am feeling the magazine style. I get full range in one screen shot.

  3. I watched this ep with my jaw on the floor, like, "Huh? Really? Then...what was the point of even casting her for this show?"

    I asked the same thing re: Bonnie on TVD.

    1. Oh....different post...different rant...different day....

  4. I am a fan of the show and have no problem with a black woman being cast as mistress...Olivia is a complex character, not perfect...but at least now we are able to see black women cast in a role that would traditionally be a white actress role...I am not a big fan of the Liv/Fitz love affair but I belong to a Scandal show group on FB where it is all the rage...Me, I am just THRILLED beyond belief to see a black actress in a lead role where she has some sexuality but is also smart and in charge...Its a welcome change from being the BFF of the main white character or say an asexual police chief.

    BTW I think Tony Goldwyn is very sexy I have thought so since I saw him in Ghost like 20 years ago...I googled Ben Miles, and I was not impressed which only goes to show that beauty is definitely in the eye of the beholder :)

    1. Ben Miles was in "Ninja Assassin." Not as hot as Rain, but.....


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