Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

Today, Olivia gets to go first.

I don't know if Shonda Rhimes has been reading my mind, if we're beginning to think alike, or if her show's simply way too predictable. Forgive me if I blurt out any spoilers; in fact, watch the season finale below before you read me, 'cause I ain't holding back.

Duh. Duh, duh, duh - if you get busted with an audio sex tape and you're the Prez, then tell the press up front that it's the FLOTUS on there with you, even if that's a bald-faced lie. When Olivia and the FLOTUS finally worked that one out, I was like, "Well, duh!"

I didn't like how people kept trying to put Olivia in her place in this ep, especially not the FLOTUS. This ep really made me dislike the Prez/Olivia affair; because the FLOTUS looks at the affair as being part of Olivia's "job" - she literally refers to their relationship as her "job."  So in her view, Olivia was on the payroll, in part, to fuck the Prez and keep him distracted from his gaping shithole of a marriage.

And this is an acceptable part of characterization...why?

I was sure the FLOTUS was also behind Amanda Tanner's death, but turns out it was Cyrus. While I'm not surprised, I am disappointed.  I like Cyrus, I like his sarcasm, his rants, but most importantly, his shrewdness.  I find it hard to believe he didn't know the Prez and Olivia were fucking.  I find it hard to believe he didn't think to do extra research before having a young pregnant woman murdered.

But at least ole Billy boy got his...in a Huck-style way, no less.

And now onto Det. Joss Carter.  Carter, Carter, Carter.  *shakes head*

Why is Taraji still on this show?

Don't get me wrong; the premise is solid, the writing is great, the acting is excellent, but 90% of all the great stuff on the show deliberately excludes Carter, when she could be so easily written in, making a good show all that much better.

I'm really disappointed that an Academy Award-nominated actress of color is putting up with this shit.  The woman just did a film with the likes of Michael Clarke Duncan and Tom Felton...the fuck does she need POI for?


  1. I was waiting for you to write about the ep of Scandal. When the Flotus was going on Olivia all I could think was "What in the Sally Hemmings?" I did not like that interaction one bit. It made it seem like Olivia was a house sex slave for the President. Then don't get me started when the President caught an attitude with her when she began thinking logically when it came to her dealings with him. Its like hello, its you crazy mofos fault not Olivia's. I really felt like she got the Bonny-treatment in this ep. Also why did Columbus character have to have a prison record? SMH!
    P.S. I really wish they could have gotten Rain to play the President or any fine asian guy *sigh*

    1. "It made it seem like Olivia was a house sex slave for the President."

      In one of my earlier comments on Ankh's reviews, I called Olivia 'Massa's bed wench'. Stings to see how much truth my sarcastic little line held.

    2. She really is his bed wench and the Olivia/FLOTUS convo made me physically ill.

      Rhimes is really trying to justify the fact Olivia is some wealthy white man's mistress, and it's not working. It's never gonna work and it was the worst route to take in the first place.

  2. Another thing I didn't like was how hard they're struggling to make Quinn relevant.

    1. Season 2 may be all about her with all the focus they are putting on her especially with her name not really being Quinn and what not. Maybe she will be the draw for the white female fans.

  3. Personally I was a bit disappointed in the episode. From the very beginning of the episode, missteps were taken. My eyes still hurt from all the rolling they did. First, I have a real problem with Olivia having them clean up any evidence In hindsight we know now it was more for Quinn's benefit or whatever her name is, than the killer itself. Still to ask her people to clean up a crime scene, no bueno. Second, whats all this jazz with the first lady checking Olivia like that. She pulled no punches and outright called her the presidents whore. She says all Olivia had to do was sleep with him to make him happy - SAY WHAT!! The part that bothered me most was that Olivia took it. Throughout the entire season, we've seen a woman full of fire, calculating, smart and in this episode, she wilted like dying flower. I refuse to believe that the president is so endearing that she couldn't resist kissing him in the final scene. I won't lie, I'll be back next season to find out who Quinn really is because I too wondered why in the hell she would hire a whiney bubblehead like that anyway. I'm just hoping next season, Olivia is done with the president and finds a man of her own.

    1. Indeed. The Prez has got to go. I'm glad his wife wants him back. The two of them can have each other while Olivia hopefully gets her ish together because this is exactly what I was worried about: an amazing, too-good-to-be-true Black female character was brought to heel by a dysfunctional, overprivileged white couple. Seriously, Shonda Rhimes? Really?

      Quinn better be worth all this ish, because I've yet to see what purpose she serves. I get that Olivia collects people with questionable pasts, and she better have the most questionable past of all because all these attempts to make us give a fuck about her are hindering the progress of the show.

      I mean, seriously; Olivia already has a kick-ass team. Can we learn more about them please? I want to learn more about Abby the redhead and the Scottish/British dude. I want to know more about the Black dude and why he has to have a prison record (I mean, really, Rhimes?). I don't like how the new girl's past suddenly takes precedent over all these other people whom we still don't know much about.

  4. Hence the reason I won't watch this show.

    1. Oh, but you should because the rants it would inspire...*shakes head* Too juicy.

  5. Alex RaventhorneMay 21, 2012 at 11:46 AM

    I haven't brought myself to watch the season finale yet. I co-sign on most of the comments above. I cannot understand how a fine and supposedly intelligent woman like Olivia is willingly entangled in crazy drama with a married man. Heck in the last episode I watched I wanted her to end up with her ex-CIA employee - made more sense to me than her being with the President. And all the insults she's chopped from being the President's mistress! Chei! (The Nigerian in me had to come out, the level of verbal abuse she's gotten e.g. from Cyrus is too much).

    The President's wife, I'm not surprised - she sees it as she outsources the cleaning in her house, she can also outsource sleeping with her husband. Woman was probably delighted to be the FLOTUS without having to have sex with Mr President, and how come we NEVER saw their children? Did we even hear these supposed children's names?

    Back to Olivia - the constantly having to tell people she's great at her job drove me crazy! And her staff have to run around telling each other and other people she's great at her job too! For fuck's sake, is it not enough to just SHOW her being good at what she does???

    As for Quinn - from episode 1 I knew she was there so white women would identify with her. I almost don't care if she lives or dies. I want to know how Abby went from a happy person (that flashback) to an unhappy person having a pointless love for a guy who hardly even looks at her. The Black dude is cool - where is his action? Where are his dates?

    All of this is convincing me all the more that if I ever make my dream tv series, it's going to be marketed / available worldwide, definitely not white-washed and colour-expunged. And you best believe that my lead black heroine who is great at what she does, will not need anyone to speak up about her. Her actions will bloody scream louder than any words.

    Right now I feel like Rhimes could not (whether by choice or through being controlled) show an emotionally strong & stable, intelligent, beautiful, black woman. If it's by force for Olivia to have issues, couldn't she do better than this? When I think of people out there watching this series who can distinguish between reality and fiction and start thinking black women or women in general are like this, I feel nauseous.

    One last thing - on this show there are 2 women (Abby and Olivia) who have chosen to love men that add to the negativity in their lives. WTF?

    1. I can see where the creator is going with it because every main character must have their flaw and the President is Olivia's flaw the only problem is that it's not convincing to the audience. Don't even get me started on how the FLOTUS went on Olivia and I was beyond annoyed especially at the fact that she took it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Olivia should have verbally sliced that women's neck off and yet nothing but silence. Maybe it plays into something like a strong black woman can be silenced by a white woman, kind of knowing her place type of thing, *shrug* either way its not cool.

    2. @ Amanda O

      ...so you see where I'm coming from.

      @ Alex


  6. Hello,

    I just found your blog entries, and I love reading them! They offer valid insight.

    I read the commentary about "Person of Interest" and JJ Abram's affliation with the show.

    Please note that JJ Abrams' is *not* the showrunner. His company produces the show, but the showrunner, head writer and executive producer is Jonathan Nolan, who also has written "The Dark Knight" and "The Dark Knight Rises"

    As such, Abrams's name is on the show, but day-to-day decisions and writing is Nolan's. He's the creator as the concept is based on his ideas.

    According to interviews, Nolan approached Taraji and offered her the role without her having to audition. He told her that she would be the third lead and that her role would gradually expand.

    I read the original PERSON OF INTEREST script for the pilot, and Carter was not described as a black woman. The character was described as 30s, pretty and tough. Her character had more scenes than actually made it to the aired pilot. Here is the link to the script:

    One of the criticisms of the recent Batman films is that the Nolan brothers don't seem to write the female characters with much depth and focus much more on the male characters. Perhaps that is the problem with POI, too.

    I hope that Detective Carter's character will have more screentime during season 2 and that her background is focused upon.


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