Comic Book Sisters: Misty Knight

Inspired by my post on Musings in the Dark, I'm going to go on and pay tribute to some badass sistah supersheroes.

Mercedes “Misty” Knight is a former cop for the NYPD who had to leave her profession after she lost her arm in a terrorist attack.  Misty’s arm is replaced with a bionic one created by Stark Industries, but it did not allow her to keep her job.  She and her friend Colleen became private investigators.  They are known as Daughters of the Dragon because of their martial arts skills and general ass-whupping abilities and frequently aid Heroes for Hire, a group put together by one of her lovers, Iron Fist.  But relationships are complicated and Misty doesn’t stay with Fist very long.  However, there are many other things that demand her attention.

There's a switchblade in the 'fro.
There’s so much to like about Misty Knight.  She’s beautiful, brave, and a total badass.  She and her bestie Colleen are down like four flat tires.  There are some new comics featuring the divine Miss Knight and I cannot wait to own them.  I’ve never heard of her before last year, and now I am going to make it my mission to purchase and read her comics and do more research on this boss chick.  And I won't stop there.  There are plenty of other sistah supersheroes that need more exposure. Misty is just the first.

Neo-prodigy has already recommended Daughters of the Dragon, and I'm about to Amazon it right now.  Join me if you dare!


  1. I love that Misty's best friend Colleen Wing is a Japanese woman! How great is that. Friendship among two women of color. I'm going to read up on Misty to. Comic book club!!

  2. Just got my copy...and I'm going to treasure it for life :3


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