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A while back, I posted this at the Bar, but something tells it will be appreciated so much more here (edited specially for the Club, of course).

Special Agent Scott
I've been watching old eps of Missing (originally entitled 1-800-Missing) starring Mark Consuelos as Special Agent Antonio Cortez and Vivica A. Fox as Special Agent Nicole Scott.  A Canadian-American crime drama, it aired on Lifetime (unfortunately) and after three short seasons, it ended in 2006...long before I even knew it existed.

If you removed the Lifetime element, the show had a lot of promise, so needless to say, I'm very disappointed it got canceled.  Especially since Miss Vivica was co-executive producer, and she got to enjoy some hotness with Mark Consuelos.

For those of you unfamiliar with the premise, it's a crime drama with the primary focus on missing persons.  Nicole Scott is a rebel known for breaking rules, drinking cosmopolitans, having an expensive fashion taste...and a very troubled childhood.

Special Agent Cortez
Antonio Cortez is the forensics/ballistics specialist, and a young divorcee who ruined his marriage because he couldn't get over Nicole.  He's also a big fan of bass-fishing.  He and Nicole had a thing before they showed up in Season 2, and by the end of Season 2 - after several episodes of teasing and arguing and being left high and dry - the two get back together.

We also get to see a lot of other Blacks, Asians, and Latinos, and in a positive light, no less.  Many of them are actually cast as professionals (directors, agents, lawyers, officers, doctors, etc.)...which makes the show's cancellation all the more irritating (Lifetime staff members claimed the show had just "run its course"...you know after three seasons...two of which were spent getting the show on its feet).

Now, the show is based of a series of crime novels by Meg Cabot, and deals with some very dark subject matter at times.  And here entereth Lifetime to ruin it all - I can recognize that desperate housewife/tacky soap opera dialogue anywhere.  At the same time, however, there's lots of other good stuff, like Vivica whoopin' serious ass and the should-be-shown-more-often pairing of a black woman and a Latino man.

From Season 2's final episode

Sexy flashback in Season 3's first episode

Morning convo in Season 3, Ep 4


  1. Yes!! They look scrumptious together! I've always loved Miss Vivica (I hate the work she's had done on her face though) I avoid Lifetime like the plague, so maybe that's why I missed this show. I remember when it was on and I just never gave it a chance.

    I'm lovin' the variety! Thanks Ankh! <3

  2. I also Loved Benjamin Bratt and Erika Alexander in "La Mission."


    I need some black and brown fanfiction! Its hard to find.

  3. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm....

    Vivica is flawless. I didn't know she had work done.

    1. Yeah, for some reason she started going down the path of getting her face worked on like she was aging like a white woman. It was not good. It didn't ruin her, but it was unnecessary. She also did something in the chestal region.

    2. @ Amaya she got work done recently. She still looks like herself in the clips above. She didn't need to do anything to her face! She looked perfect!

    3. She got implants and it look like she got cheek implants as well.She also seems to have had a mini facelift. Her eyes are pulled back pretty tight. Here's a before and after picture:


    4. Oh, the pressures of Hollywhite. Woman didn't even need to get work done.

    5. Nope, it is CRAZY when black women start doing that stuff b/c most of us will not wrinkle or deal with skin aging issues unless we had bad skin issues when younger (so Vanessa Williams is still lovely but her bad acne did a number on her and you can see it in more candid photos).
      So it's crazy b/c she had no skin to lift or wrinkles to smooth.

      And ugh, those implants...

  4. Lord.let me take Vivi's place..lol!these scenes probably made Kelly nervous.

    Seriously, other IR pairing should be equally seen as WM/BW couples. I'm still thinking about the " I can do bad by myself movie" that Tyler Perry made sometime back. I liked the idea of Adam Rodriguez and Taranji Henson being in it. If Adam had his way, I think it would it would have been more romantic in it.

    Adam is a guy who seem to have a thing for Black and Latina women. He stared in one of Melonie Fiona's and Janet Jackson's videos. It was said that he has dated both sets of women and the last woman he had was Black.Along with seeing AMBW unions, I 've always loved LM/BW unions. I've always thought that they( the men) were hot.

  5. M I agree. Adam had a serious thing for Taraji. Even while promoting the movie, he gushed about her all of the time. I can't stand Tyler Perry, but I did watch the movie on Netflix because I adore both Adam and Taraji. They had amazing chemistry and looked gorgeous together. Below is a link of him discussing kissing Taraji-->


    Here's a quick interview he did. I don't know how this sista held it together--> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FCO7BuI76gc

    Don't get me started on Adam M! I cold talk about this man all day! lol


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