"The Number", another Black Web Show

Season 2 of Awkward Black Girl is still a ways away, of course, and we won't get to see another episode of The Unwritten Rules until June 6th (it airs the first Wednesday of each month).

Good thing we've got The Number.  This show is boss.  It's directed wonderfully, cast perfectly, and written very cleverly.  The dialogue has such a natural flow!!!

It's official - I'm hooked!


  1. Okay, how do you find these? I watched The Number and laughed out loud. Why oh why would anyone want to know the answer to that question? Before I got married I would ask the guy I'm interested in if he has been responsible, protected himself and make sure he was tested. I would never want to know the number because I'm sure not giving mine. Then to give names...say what? Most men (not all) don't like the idea of a women having many partners but it is acceptable for them (not all) to bed as many as they like (google man fathers 30 children with 11 women wants break on child support). Okay, who in the hell do these men think they're sleeping with then. Odds are, the more women you've bedded, she's likely to have a number near yours. Talk about double standards. I don't judge, I just say be safe and think. Asking that question is just opening a can of worms. Telling your man you're experienced should suffice. Ramble complete.

    1. LOL - Clutch Magazine clued me into this. I'm so glad this POC web show movement is happening, because it's been a loooooooooong time since I was able to watch a show and fully enjoy every moment like I do with these.

  2. LMAO I'm dying girl, I'm dying !!! This is so funny !!

  3. I'm really interested to see where this goes next because I don't see why her number should be such an issue. She appears to devoutly love her man, so while his family may hate her, I hope the writers' goal isn't to make the audience hate her as well.

    That scene in the kitchen, however, was unnecessary on her part. The actress is phenomenal, btw.

    And Issa Rae's role is perfect for her.

  4. I love this! I subscribed to the channel (BlackandSexyTV) they have a lot of Good stuff!

  5. I also like the mini series on the BlackandSexyTV channel The Couple.


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