Sisters of TV Past: Katie Graham

Big Shots (2007) came and went so quickly that it wasn't even on my radar until I happened across some videos on YouTube at least a year or so after the fact (ABC only aired 11 episodes before cancelling the show).  The vids originally caught my eye because of Nia Long, but from what little I was able to see, her characterization was...iffy...to say the least.

What I Liked

1.  Katie was gorgeous, intelligent and classy.

2.  She's pretty high up on the corporate ladder and was actually shown flexing her VP muscles.  All too often, we see women in roles with these supposedly high-ranking positions, but never actually see them do anything other than look stylish in their expensive business suits.

3.  Katie didn't suffer fools lightly.  She had absolutely no problem laying a verbal beat-down one of her female co-workers (or rather, one of her subordinates as you'll see below) for suggesting in a rather roundabout, yet patently obvious way, that she was put in charge of an important project because of her relationship with the CEO (James played by Michal Vartan) and not her merit.

4.  They certainly didn't skimp on Katie's wardrobe.  She always looked great.

5.  She had an onscreen love life and was depicted as a desirable, sexy, feminine woman.

6.  Fortunately, there was no sassy black woman stereotyping.

What I Didn't Like

1.  Katie struck me as little more than a white woman dipped in chocolate.  I'll let you be the judge.

2.  Although still undoubtedly gorgeous, there were times when her make-up was a little questionable to me.  There were some scenes where the make-up artist seemed a little heavy-handed with the eyeshadow brush, and some of the color choices (specifically the frosts) didn't really flatter Nia Long's beautiful, brown skin.

3.  I wasn't digging the hair, but that's a purely personal opinion.  I would have loved to see her rocking her short Fresh Prince in Bel Air 'do.

4.  Katie was having an affair with a married man, and based on her own teary admission to The Man That She Couldn't Have, she was just so damn lonely that she'd rather commit adultery then be alone. Wow.  Really?  FAIL.

Would I Have Watched?

I definitely would've tried, if only for Nia Long. 

Would I Have Kept Watching?

Okay, this is more doubtful.  There are plenty of clips on YouTube for you to peruse in order to form your own opinion, but outside of what was going on with Katie, I doubt I would've cared about any of the other characters.  I can say with about 99% certainty that I would have grown bored with this show rather quickly.  Actually, I probably would have recorded it on my handy dandy DVR and fast-forwarded through anything that wasn't Katie related.

All in all...

Although I haven't seen any full episodes, I'd have to say that Katie's characterization is problematic.  In all of the clips that I've watched, I keep wondering why James deserves her.  As his long-time friend, she was under his nose for years, but judging by his wife and ex-girlfriend, she seemed to be an afterthought when it came to potential romantic partners.  She was there for him through his marriage, his divorce and his custody fight, and other than being an ear for him to bend and a shoulder for him to rant on, she seemed to be little more than chopped liver.  At least until her relationship with a maried man seemed to tip him in her direction, which I find...interesting.  And by interesting I mean more than a little creepy.

And although I usually hate when fangirls say this (due to their nefarious BS justifications to want the black woman to remain unattached), I really do have  a problem with the fact that who she was was completely tied up in who James was (or so it seemed).  Now while I do understand that the show was all about the men, I can't help but wonder if the women would've been given an equal amount of screen time to shine on their own if the show hadn't been cancelled.

Despite my misgivings, I think Nia would have owned the role if the show had continued.  Although we'll never know, I'd like to think that her character would have grown and flourished if the show had stayed on the air.  But given Hollywood's track record, I have my doubts.

(Don't worry...the videos are in English)


  1. 1) Huh? Who? When was this? How did we not know about this?

    2) Oh....yeah...there's definitely chocolate dipping going on, and I don't mean the good TJ Medel-style of dipping...feel me?

    And Cinnamon comes out swinging - damn it feels good to read your work again, girl! Where and how did you find this?

    1. Oh dear God...is that Michael Vartan?


      No wonder this show was canceled right off the bat.

    2. I can't remember exactly how I came across this. I just remember being on YouTube one day, seeing it and being intrigued because I'd never even heard of it. People really seemed to ship them too (there are even a few fan fics).

      And lol at Michael Vartan. I know how much he gets on your nerves.

    3. *nods*

      Captain Bland-as-Fuck strikes again.

    4. Alex RaventhorneMay 31, 2012 at 3:32 AM

      Ankhesen Mie you've killed me with laughter! "Captain Bland-as-Fuck"...accurate and deadly description

    5. Vartan is about as Vanilla as they come. lol I remember when this show was on. I never watched it though.

    6. I'm still fuzzy on how he's managed to sustain a career.

  2. He's starred opposite some of the most beautiful Black women. He played Jada Pinkett's husband in "Hawthorne" She wound up cheating on him with Mark Anthony who played detective Nick Renata. Granted, Mark Anthony looks like skelator, but there was something sext about his character on the show.

    1. ...and shortly thereafter, "Hawthorne" was canceled.

      *snort* He-Man reference

    2. ...and shortly thereafter, "Hawthorne" was canceled.

      Which it needed to be.


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