Black Female "Culture" and the Prevention of Suicide

Okay.  I'll bite.

So yet another study about us is up and running, this time throwing us some lame compliment about how we don't off ourselves as much as our white siblings, and how we should be emulated in that regard.  That's right; the PTB are wondering how to emulate certain aspects of our fat, loud, annoying, obnoxious, undesirable selves in order to keep white folks alive.

How's that saying go?  Oh, yeah...everyone hates a Black woman until they need one.  And now that precious white life is at stake (by its own hand, no less), the PTB have shown up right on cue, looking to us for help.

But when our children's lives are at stake (at someone else's hand, no less), we're basically told to shut up, quit our whining, and to stop pushing the media to "slant" the stories.


For the record, it's not our "social support system" which prevents suicide; our little system doesn't compare to the perks and privileges provided by the dominant social support system in America.  You remember it...formalized white supremacy?  When cops aren't harassing you because of your skin tone, when companies are more likely to hire you because of your skin tone, when you are more likely to see people like you on just about every TV show, commercial, political platform, executive board, and popular magazine; when you have preferred access to socioeconomic resources overall, trust and believe you're already part of an extremely powerful social support system.

And though most will disagree, it has nothing to do with faith.  Modern Christianity as we know it is a white invention, used to justify the enslavement of Africans and the extermination of Native Americans for hundreds of years (and to suppress women's rights overall for a lot longer than that).  Modern Christianity is still deeply rooted in patriarchy, which, last I checked, is the antithesis of strong, self-reliant, independent women.

So no, I'm not really excited by this study and I don't see it as omen of good things to come.  By this time next week, this study will be forgotten and we'll go back to being the fat, loud, obnoxious, undesirable, crack-addicted welfare queens.

You know...until the next time we're needed for something.


  1. Called it, didn't you???

    LOVE the black background. Pink and black...prom colors.

    1. It's a work in progress.

      But I figured you'd get where I was going with this.

  2. "The main question that the Post story fails to answer is: why? Why do black women have better emotional outcomes than both white men and women in the differing areas of suicide and self-esteem? Kemp and her colleagues will need to know how black women have survived the “double burden” of female and racial oppression if this incredible coping ability is to be transferred to soldiers."

    I say we refrain from helping them with this study. It is their morally and spiritually bankrupt culture that has them killing themselves not to mention the fact that they keep white women weak, quite purposefully.

    1. Exactly. We're not them. The answer is simply that we're not them, and over the course of this "research", when they realize that we're just not them, they'll get frustrated and annoyed with us all over again.

  3. "and we'll go back to being the fat, loud, obnoxious, undesirable, crack-addicted welfare queens"

    You forgot 'bastard-baby factories'. Plus, history has show time and again that when the 'minorities' are examined/used as test fodder for the benefit of the 'majority', the former suffers the most from the exercise. So please excuse me while I throw a side-eye in this study's direction.

    1. You forgot 'bastard-baby factories'.

      With the "welfare queens," it's implied.

  4. Don't that just makes you mad? When we want to say something, we're the most wicked people in the world and now they want to take a piece of us with them..ooohhh!I agree with you about them going back to be the stereotypical fat, obnoxious , loud Black woman in a couple of days. I'm so don't want to fool with their studies.


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