Comic Book Sisters: Adept

Trying to unite the four forces.

Jelene Anderson, a.k.a. “Adept” is a peaceful sistah who chooses to undergo a complex process that will change her into a superhuman.  Adept is a fundamentalist Christian, but her decision to go through the elite Morituri process was done to protect her home planet.  Earth, if you were wondering.  The downside is that the process greatly shortens the lives of the participants.  Adept has about a year to live.

During a series of tests designed to bring forth her ability, Jelene almost died from an attack by venomous snakes. Within a few minutes, she was able to analyze every possible situation and develop a counterattack. She managed to produce an antidote to the snake venom and devised a mechanism to free her from the cage she was trapped in.

Adept’s superpower is the ability to quickly and thoroughly analyze any situation and provide a solution to the problem.  This makes her a damned useful shero to have in battle, and even though it takes her some time to come up with a result, the point is that she always does.  This appeals to the nerdy researcher in me.

Adept’s uniqueness lies in her faith.  Never have I heard of any comic book character having faith in God.  For me, this gives her an unusual slant, as she is peaceful by nature, but chooses to evolve in an effort to save Earth.  This eventually costs her her life, and near the end of it, she declares that she was content to go and thankful to God for all that she had seen.  

You can find Adept’s story is in a volume called Strikeforce: Morituri #1, and goes through #13.  Strikeforce was created by Peter Gillis and Brent Anderson.

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