Comic Book Sisters: Miranda Mercury

Miranda Mercury is an adventurer, a traveler and a heroine.  She's a fighter; she believes in justice and has no patience for intolerance.  She's brave and logical, and doesn't consider herself great or heroic.  She saves a planet at the tender young age of 10, and from then on, engages in remarkable feats of sheroism.  Miranda's accompanied in her adventures by her sidekick Jack Warning, a blond genius who's loyal to the core.  

Miranda is unique because she's humble and has a year to live; she's dying of an incurable virus given to her by an enemy.  But it doesn't stop her from rolling up her sleeves and doing what needs to be done.  Which is the essence of a Boss Chick.

You can find The Many Adventures of Miranda Mercury on Amazon.  

Miranda & Jack


  1. Have I expressed how much I'm in love with you since you've started this series on Comic Book Sisters?

    Also if you need help with research, holla at your boy.

  2. Agreed. Nerd of Colour here, and I'm lovin' these!

  3. Aw, Neo! *blushes* Ever since I got that Black Female Superheroes link on FB, I've become mildly obsessed. I've made this sort of a summer project, and considering that there isn't much to be found on a lot of these characters, I could totally use some research help. I'll hit you up on email.

    I've never heard of any of these awesome characters and to know that there are comic book heroines that look like me makes me happy. I feel obligated to make an effort to give them more exposure.

    Side note: I'm going to go broke buying these comics on Amazon, but it will be money well spent. My nieces need to know that there are sheroes like them in the Comicverse.

    "Comic Book Sisters" is cross-posted on my blog (as Volume II of "Boss Chicks") and on Black Girl Nerds (as "Sistah Supersheroes") to reach as wide an audience as possible.

    @Anon: Thanks for the support. I will do my best to be as comprehensive as possible. Please let us know who you are.

  4. Love this. Will support it. Please keep up the wonderful work of "Comic Book Sisters!"

  5. Her sidekick works. I dunno what it is about him, but it works.

  6. @Ankh:

    One word: Nerd.

    Perhaps two words: Loyal Nerd.

  7. Right after reading this I ran out and bought it.

    I love it and I am looking forward to Vol. 2. Aside from Miranda, I adore Jack Warning. He is not a stereotypical nerd, but a badass in his own right. You know I am enjoying a series when I've got my OTP on. I want to know more about their friendship such as how they met and I look forward to watching the both of them grow together. I also enjoy Cyrus Vega's relationship with Miranda.

    There is a special place in my heart for stories about perseverance. This is a keeper. Thanks.

  8. Thanks for all the support! I'm actually writing THE most important Miranda/Jack scene for volume 2 right this second, and glad that the friendship and bond between the two of them resonated for you. Many more surprises coming in volume 2: At What Cost, which should hit next year! Thanks again and please continue spreading the word, every single heart and mind makes a real difference!

    Brandon Thomas

  9. @Brandon,

    Thank YOU for creating the character of Miranda Mercury! She's awesome. Please continue to write more about her and Jack and their adventures. We need more representation in the Comicverse! Thank you for stopping by TBGC, and feel free to drop in again!!! We await Vol 2. with much interest.


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