Supernatural Addiction

Like most straight Black women, I love me some men of color.  Whoo, Lawd...MOC do it for me.  Whether they're Latino/Indigenous, Asian, or of African descent, they do it for me.  They are my absolute favorite men.  I could blog about them all day every day and sometimes, I do.

That being said, there are also white boys I like, preferably of the nerd variety...but rebellious country boys do it for me too.  Hence my attraction to Supernatural's Dean Winchester.

Jensen Ackles as "Dean Winchester"

Keep in mind, I just started watching this show from the beginning on Netflix.  For years, I avoided it; neither of its two protagonists are MOC and it's a show on the CW, which is often reason enough to steer clear.  But because I grew up during the age of X-Files and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, I have a soft spot for shows like Supernatural (though I've been warned not to watch past Season 6).

The show isn't really in the same league as X-Files or BtVS in terms of storylines and dialogue. Then there's the issue of perky, shiny, Los Angeles-based actors trying to sound "country" and failing with a vengeance. And since it's the CW, they might as well start the credits with "POC need not apply." Black men drop like flies on this show (including friggin' Aldis Hodge!!!), and Black women are extremely few and far between. Asians and Latinos might as well not even exist, though Native Americans had a cameo in one ep (that I've seen so far).

So that just leaves one reason, and one only, to watch Supernatural.

I like Dean Winchester for a few different reasons. First, I dig his looks (the above picture, however, doesn't capture what I mean. It's too clean and polished). Dean isn't some perfect fantasy alpha male; he's flawed and wears his flaws on the outside for all the world to see. He ain't book-smart, he talks with his mouth full, he's not tech-savvy or really into the latest tech, but Lawd does he know how to ride his black 1967 Chevy Impala.

Dean is fearless in a non-posturing way. Wrestling demons, digging up graves, and performing excorcisms just comes naturally to him; he doesn't ever really show surprise whenever faced with something supernatural.  Gearing up and going on a hunt is like going out for a soda.  Though he's reckless, there's method to his madness. And though he eventually got the country swag down, he initially started off kinda ghetto. In one ep, when he's furious about a particular demon, he spits, "I would've burned a clip in him just on principle." That right there? Straight up hood.

And though we managed to briefly move away from the ever present BW/WM media, I'm going to bring it back with a one-episode pairing which apparently pissed off Supernatural fans.

This was just one episode, people. In the first season. The show's been renewed for an eighth, yet hear tell, certain folks still find Dean's first love "annoying."

And we all know what that means.


  1. I remember that epsideo and it was the best episode in the whole entire series! And its been renewed for a season 8? smh no! I have stopped watching the show but I still consider myself a small fan cause I remember the breath of fresh air it brought to CW. Off-topic: Have you seen Avengers?

    1. You need to see the Avengers. Now!!!! Trust me, Joss Whedon brings the win like whoa!!!!!!!

  2. I've watched that series more off than on, but that one episode certainly chaffs people's ass to this dying day. Wow. F*ck with people's self-insertion fantasy, and you never hear the end of it.

  3. I wasn't a fan of this series, but I did recently rent the first season just so I could watch this episode. It's a good show and genuinely creepy. And I can see why fans love Dean Winchester. It's not just his looks and his country swagger, he really is scared of losing what's left of his family and is doing his best to keep them together. I know what's why I love him; he is actually a really vulnerable, sensitive guy who is terrified of being left behind (look at how hurt he was when Cassie dumped him). I don't like how the writers seemed to forget about Cassie afterwards though. She's his first, and perhaps his only, love so I hope to hear some mention of her when I rent the second season. I won't hold my breath though.

    Did your love of rebellious country boys come from living in Virginia? I remember your post about nerdy men. Will you ever write about country guys?

    1. I actually stopped watching this show pretty quickly after seasons 1 & 2. I don't like the treatment of women overall. The words "bitch", "slut", and "lying whore" fly around all the goddamn time. No to much the increasing violence against women, and stomach-churning objectification.

      Did your love of rebellious country boys come from living in Virginia?

      West Virginia, and no. Dean Winchesters don't really exist, so I've been very careful to never confuse the two.

      I remember your post about nerdy men. Will you ever write about country guys?

      I dunno.

  4. I've been a fan of Supernatural for a few years now and one reason is I do love the country swag of both actors and characters. Jensen is from Dallas and Jared is from Austin. It's been toned down over the years but every now and again their accents come out.
    But I mostly like the show because of the familial interaction of the boys and Dean's ability to make me cry at least once per season. If you like creepy I do suggest you continue watching, each season gets progressively creepier. But I would say you could stop at the end of season 5. Season 6 has some good points but overall it was meh. Season 7 has made me vow several times to stop watching, but I still do...

    FYI the link to the Native fellas directs us to Dean's wikipedia page.

    1. Kevin Advanced Placement gets a few badass scenes in season 8, but then there was the "mans best friends with benefits"episode...and the clipshow episode...then that one really horrible thing they did to a character we were all starting to like...

      ...Honestly, I'm just holding out hope that they don't kill the kid.

    2. And um...jensen's booty

  5. I actually just started watching this show as well. The first few seasons are CREEPY. I just got to the end of season 8 and everyone keeps saying it starts to suck after season 5 but I actually like the whole storyline approach rather than the "monster of the week" thing they had going on in the first few seasons.
    Now as far as the boys, I actually am very attracted to both. Jensen Ackles has a voice made for talking you to an orgasm and don't even get me started on his lips, yum. I liked Dean's little one night stand thingy with Cassie. That scene was pretty steamy in my opinion. Jensen seemed to enjoy tasting a lil brown sugar. And then there's Jared Padalecki. He has a more boyish feel. I love hairy guys so the fact that his hair is touching his shoulders now is delicious. His body is perfection and he's a giant. He basically tosses girls around and pulls their hair during every sex scene, quite kinky. Very different from Jensen who is usually very sensual and slow during his sex scenes.

  6. Do you follow the POC SPN tag on tumblr?

  7. Why can we no longer post under a name? now you can only do it if you have accounts on one of the websites? these sites want to track and spy everyone.


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