African Gymnasts

While watching neglected (brown) gymnasts from 'round the world on YouTube, I decided to search "gymnastics africa".  I noticed it didn't automatically populate as I typed, but I pressed enter anyway.

Much to my delight, YouTube didn't disappoint.

Commenters and commentators keep comparing the beautiful Jennifer Khwela to Brazilian gymnast Daiane dos Santos, wherein fact she's more like American gymnast Dominique Dawes.  But because Daiane is the current favored Black gymnast representing a country on the regular, I think folks automatically think, "Well this Negro reminds me of that other Negro...."

Jennifer Khwela currently South Africa whenever she can, because the South African PTB are hesitant get off their asses and build a nice big team to send to the Olympics.  *sigh*

Jennifer's not alone, thankfully; she has (now) 17-year-old Ashleigh Heldsinger to keep her company, and Ashleigh actually does remind me of Daiane dos Santos.  They carry a similar swag.

South Africa really is trying hard to build a team; during my research though, I found out quite a few of the athletes repping South Africa were white.  Which is fine, except we need more like these two repping the continent.

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