Athletic Sisters, a Thought

So today I read a couple of things which really grabbed my attention.  One, Gabby Douglas is officially a part of the US Olympic team.  For those of you not knowing, this is why:

So congrats to Gabby Douglas; may she bring home the gold.

Then...there was this:
Oh, that lazy Serena, with her fat, lazy ass (and 27 Grand Slam titles, but, you know, who’s counting?)! My roommate freshman year was a college basketball player who wore size 16 jeans. I bet she and Serena could bench press Jason Whitlock. But that’s not the point, is it? It doesn’t matter that both my old roommate, a college athlete, and Serena Williams, a world-class athlete, are physically fit, athletic, and healthy. When we say we want women to be healthy, we still mean small and skinny.

~ Tami Harris, "Healthy is the New Skinny"
That Black female bodies are constantly up for dissection is nothing new; however, I think (certain) people prefer to focus on our athletic sisters' bodies because they don't want to tackle the real issue: Black female athletes are a threat and it's not because of their bodies.  It has nothing to do with testosterone, or muscle mass, or some bogus myth about a natural advantage.  Ironically, it's about their attitudes.

Black female athletes here in the West know they ain't nobody's "sweetheart" and if they're robbed of the gold, no one's really going to put up a fight for them.  So they bring it.  They do...what they have to do.

It's not about looking cute in a tutu or a leotard or some shit; it's about the gold. Pure and simple. So however much weight they have to gain, or muscles they have to build, Black female athletes will do.that.shit.  When gold medals, world records, and money are on the line, all Black female athletes care about is winning.  Not representing a country, not looking blonde, petite, and skinny "pretty", but winning.  They're willing to give up social lives and significant others if it'll help them win.

(Notice how non-American commenters on this video
drool all over this woman)


  1. I think Surya Bonaly's thighs are a thing of beauty. The strength in them... wow.

  2. I'm squealing at this post. I have been thinking alot about these women lately, and quite frankly I'm inspired.

  3. Don't mind me, I'm just sitting here being awed.

  4. I'm glad to learn about Elizabeth Price.

    1. Yeah, funny how "female-centered" websites love to ignore these obvious success stories. So they were all over Nastia Lukin, who fell on her face, and Dara Torres, who has had a lot of success but is 45 and won't be going to London, and ignoring these amazing black up and comers.

      Some white women have a HARD time acknowledging black women who are able to beat them at things that they are used to being the stars of.

      So I expect the crickets regarding these young ladies to continue.

      It's like "Gabby who?" And then they'll probably tell you how they saw Good Hair...

    2. Yeah, funny how "female-centered" websites love to ignore these obvious success stories. So they were all over Nastia Lukin, who fell on her face, and Dara Torres, who has had a lot of success but is 45 and won't be going to London, and ignoring these amazing black up and comers.


      The only reason I know these up & comers is that either a black reader or blogger informed me. I find out about some of these athletes by sheer accident. Meanwhile, the white ones get coverage like presidential candidates.

    3. You aren't kidding there... a white girl doesn't even have to WIN to start making millions in endorsements.

      And I'm over the way that they accuse us of being "part man" when we beat them...have you noticed how that happens?

    4. But they don't do the same with Asans & Eastern Europeans, who also have the "any means necessary" attitude.

    5. I do think Asian female athletes (at least the Chinese), are stereotyped as being little work-horse/robots, but I've never heard their femininity assailed. There is of course that fascination that a LOT of Western men have with the idea that they never age, and are super tiny/always skinny (neither is true but people with racist fetishes are incapable of seeing individuals). I think that they find tiny Asian gymnasts and divers to be quite appealing. Whatever insults are hurled at them, being a man is not one of them.

      And I feel as though the idea that Eastern European, Slavic and Russian women are manly seems to have died down with the fall of the Soviet Bloc. I do recall some of those East German women being quite muscular, and back in the 80's, testing for steroids was not de rigueur, even at the Olympics. I don't think anyone denies that those women were altered with synthetic hormones.

      And I remember watching Martina Navratilova back in the day, and she is no delicate flower, nor was Steffi Graff, and I don't recall them being insulted as being really masculine.

      However, since that time, Russian and Eastern European women are given that universally "hot" label applied to Asians. And since the arrival of the Williams sisters, they are promoted and rooted for and lauded for their exquisite female beauty in the face of the "ugly" and "manly" Wiliams sisters. American pride apparently doesn't apply to black girls. I think of Anna Kournikova, who never amounted to anything as a singles player, and the similar looking Russians who every once in a while get lucky and beat an injured Williams sisters.

      Americans seem to LOVE seeing blond Russian one and done players beat those "awful" and "arrogant" black girls. A blond white girl who beats a Williams sister is treated like the next Great White Hope. None of them has ever beat one twice though.

      But I can't shake the correlation in my mind between the evil Soviet Block and their half man athletes vs. today and the current idea that they are now the epitome of white femininity and beauty.

    6. They can stay mad and salty. It doesn't change the fact that Serena Williams is running out of space to put all her trophies.

  5. These women are awesome, but isn't it funny how athletic black women get equated with men, but really muscular, androgynous looking white women don't get that same treatment.

    And I don't know how anyone EVER looks at Serena's butt and chest and acts like there is anything masculine going on there.

    As a girl I'd readily say that her butt should be declared a wonder of the modern world. I am all kinds of jealous of that.

  6. I think you should also Google Jason Whitlock if you aren't familiar, to know what kind of man is declaring Serena to be "out of shape and lazy"

    1. So the first thing that popped up was "Jason Whitlock - Fox Sports", which had me saying, "Oh shit.". THEN I clicked on Images.


      He's a fine one to talk, with his Roly Poly Oly self.

    2. Amen. It's Limbaugh calling Michelle Obama fat.

      What's with these men?

    3. They're men who desperately want these women and know they don't stand a fucking chance. So they hurl insults instead. They can all suck down a hot bowl of dicks.

  7. I remember watching Surya Bonaly skate as a little girl with my dad. Many little girls would watch it for the tutus and pretty glitter, but my father took that time to tell me how the judges wouldn't accept her backflip. He told me she was too black and too great for them to accept. At the age I knew I wanted to be like Surya Bonaly.

    As you said "They do...what they have to do." ... however I apply this fire and drive in academic areas!


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