Comic Book Sisters: Cipher

"Do ya feel lucky?  Do ya, punk?"

Alisa Tager, b/k/a Cipher, is a young mutant from the world of Young X-Men.  Created by artist Rafa Sandoval and writer Marc Guggenheim, Cipher first appears in Young X-Men #8.  However, using her particular abilities, Cipher was retconned into the series as early as Young X-Men #3.

Cipher is a spy, but she’s the most bad-ass spy I’ve ever heard of.  Her mutant abilities include the following:
  • Full electromagnetic spectrum invisibility
  • Complete stealth
  • Ability to move between phases (i.e. pass through solid objects)
  • Levitation
  • Voice masking
  • Pilot
She rocks sweet dreads, a foxy yellow and black outfit, and a deceptive smile.  This is a boss chick right here.  If I need to get precious intel; this is who I’d call.  Fuck James Bond.


  1. *sound of jaw hitting and staying there*

    And...her movie comes out when?

    1. Probably after Black Panther's movie. *side-eye* Effing Marvel....

  2. My thoughts exactly. WHY hasn't she gotten props?????

  3. Yeah fingers crossed on that note! The black panther's movie has been in talks since the late 80s.. As in before Thor, The Avengers, etc. were even brought up! However I found this awesome video yesterday.. I couldn't believe there are this many black female super heroes! And I'm 20 years old. :/ sigh*

    1. Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pE3lzUmNAA&feature=youtube_gdata_player

  4. Really loving the hair on this character.


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