Comic Book Sisters: Nubia

I grew up loving Wonder Woman, so Nubia isn’t new to me.   However, I’d forgotten about her over the years because life will do that.   But my friend Denny, a comic book head,  reminded me about her and I thought, “YES!”

Nubia was created by Robert Kanigher and Don Heck.  She first appears in Wonder Woman #204. 

Nubia was formed from black clay and is Diana’s twin sister, who was formed from white clay.  This was done by Hippolyta, Queen of the Amazons, because she wanted a child of her own.  Aphrodite gave the twins life, but Nubia was kidnapped by Mars and raised to be a warrior, and he kept her mentally enslaved.  Nubia is a highly-skilled combatant and martial artist and put a beatdown on her twin when they first met.  They fought several times and eventually, Diana was able to free Nubia from her mental prison.   She went on to ultimate badassery, including running thangs on her own island.

Nubia is an Amazon, which means she kicks ass and takes names while being utterly fabulous.  She has superhuman strength, speed, a healing factor and enhanced senses.  She’s also a telepath, a markswoman, and a weapon master.  Nubia has a sword that can counteract the effects of her sister’s golden lariat. And did I say she’s fabulous?

I'll say it again.  She's fabulous.


  1. Hmmm ... I wonder why Nubia is hardly ever mentioned *rolls eyes*
    While they're working on the Wonder Woman movie they need to work on Nubia's as well.

    Who would you all dreamcast?

  2. Do you even have to ask. Gina Torres. Perfection herself. ;-)

  3. But in this case, Neo is dead ass right. I can't think of anyone better, but dreamcasting isn't really my thing.

  4. Ooooo...I remember Nubia; I love her!!! *jumps gleefully*


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