The Unwritten Rules, Episode 4


  1. I can relate so much... Especially the "What? You only wash your hair once a WEEK?" part. I like how she responded though. "That's because my hair isn't as oily as yours"... I'll definitely use that in the future lol
    It always makes me uncomfortable to think that other people see me as dirty. They just don't want to understand that different hair textures need different regimes.

    Side-note: I love this series, and the lead actress is gorgeous.

  2. I'm SO glad you posted this. Just ran across this series a few days ago and was looking for someplace to discuss.

    I did send it to a friend and she said it brought up too many bad memories so she couldn't.

    I do wonder why they feel so entitled to ask us so many questions and why they frame so many as insults. Like I'd never let a white person touch my hair b/c I've SEEN the ones who do it to other people and say stuff like "oh, it's SOFT?" or "How do you cut it?" like it's not made of the same stuff as theirs.

    I just dislike the need to act like we are another species. So if anyone asks me how I do my hair, I'll say "I wash it, condition it, and style it, don't you do those things?"

    I mean, and the condescending comment about it being "whimsical" I got that once and it was VERY annoying.


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