The Self Esteem of a Nation

Rihanna’s choice of words are really interesting here, given the picture. Folks said Bey looked lighter (silly bleached skin rumors) and her hair was too blonde in this photo. So her comment about damaging “the self esteem of a nation” makes you wonder if this seemingly innocent caption has a deep, satirical meaning.

~ commenter Jenese, Clutch Magazine


  1. LOL. I think Rhianna was throwing some shade Bey way. I don't have twitter or Instagram but from what people say Rhianna always saying some mess. If I'm not mistaken this picture is from last year? She knew she could have chosen a better picture of her, but she chose this one for a reason.

    On the other hand Rhianna is sporting the same look most times. So kettle/pot if she was trying to throw shade. But you never know with celebrities now a days on social media sites, maybe she does like that picture of Bey. **Kanye shrug**

  2. She looks like a blow-up doll in this picture.

    1. Yep she does...I was trying to figure out what she reminded me of. LOL

  3. Yeah, all you have to do to make a person look lighter is use the flash, play with the white balance, and her mismatched foundation doesn't hurt. So while I do think they play fast and loose with the photoshop with Beyonce, the flash and foundation are the likely culprits here.

    Other than that, I'm like whatever, but seriously, this child must have a warehouse to hold all of those wigs.

  4. I think Beyonce is a beautiful woman; however, let's not get carried away here. Just because Rihrih is a little starstruck by light skin and blonde weave doesn't mean everyone else is. Get it together!


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