Wania Monteiro and Alexis Page

(h/t Marie Moltime)

Bow down.


  1. Wania is not as graceful as the other women, but it's great to see her. Alexis Page shows promise though. Oh, you didn't post the video of Wendy Hilliard who was the on the first American Olympic team for rhythmic gymnastics, and the first black girl on the team too.

    1. Thanks for another name!!!

      I give Wania credit because it's not easy performing in front of an audience where you're not wanted.

    2. She definitely get's credit for that I just wish she had more artistry, and paid better attention to aesthetic.

      BTW NBC aired the Rhythmic competitions earlier today.

  2. So I'm watching these and other videos on the topic, and I figure that quite a bit of dance training is necessary - acrobatics being a no-brainer also. Hmmmm. How to get it started here, though....

  3. Replies
    1. Yes she is, she also gets funding from the Wendy Hilliard Foundation.


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