Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

Tonight, we'll kick off the Season 2 premiere with Detective Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) from Person of Interest.  And let me begin with, "Uh...why is CBS so damn selfish with this TV series?"

In case you're wondering why this post took so long, I missed the premiere by accident (stupid Direct TV) and had to go on the hunt just to find this episode.  The CBS website actually posted mere clips of of the Season 2 premiere.  Club Members, what the hell can I do with clips?

Anyhoo, I finally watched it and my complaints observations from Season 1 stand.  As entertaining as the premiere was, Carter remains underused and mostly out of sight.  Granted, in the final scene she has a great moment when takes out the leader of an Aryan Brotherhood, but that lasts for seconds.  There's no development.  No other "moments."  She runs errands (mostly) behind the scenes and that's it (except for when she's saving Reese's ass).

At least in the next episode, they're coming to Texas.

 Season 2 of Scandal, on the other hand, has my attention.

Yes, it helps that on this show, the Black woman is the lead, but Shonda Rhimes did some damn good work this season.

Kerry Washing returns as the formidable Olivia Pope. And while the show answered some questions, it raised a dozen others.  We learn that Pope's the reason Quinn Perkins, an accused murderer named Lyndsay Dwyer, escaped and got a new identity.  We just don't know why.  And while I may not have cared before, I care now.  What does Pope need/want her for?

We see Pope and the Prez are still in love, stealing late night phone calls to each other.  We learn that Cyrus, the Prez's main man, still meets Pope for lunch every Monday to pick her brain, and he doesn't mind that she's still in contact with the Prez.  And yes...the Prez's wife is really pregnant.

We also learn that the Prez's Wife should've been the Prez.

We also get to see a good-looking Democrat call on Pope's firm for their services, and here and there in the episode we get to view the Democrats from the outside.  As the GOP increasingly grows unfavorable in the public eye, shows tend to be written from a generally left-leaning angle.

But on Scandal, the Democrats are the hovering threat, ready to take the White House if the Prez so much as steps out of line.  It's just...fascinating.

Olivia's characters got a little more fleshed out; Black dude got more lines and Abby the Red - my girl - got to show even more of her almost sensuous sarcasm.  I'm telling you guys...if I were cynical about this show last season, I'm a believer now.

What did you all think?


  1. Is it just me? I simply don't have the patience to keep up with tv shows like these, especially when I know they're going to fuck things up. It becomes a matter of when the fuckup comes, but it always does.

    POI seems to have fucked up from the starting gate. I was hopeful for Scandal, until I found out she was banging the prez. Then I just lost interest. Y'all cannot depend on me for this.

    1. Understandable.

      This would be my 3rd time watching Person Of Interest. I see exactly what you guys are talking about when it comes to this show. I didn't see Taranji's character as much on the previous ones as well as the season premiere of it. Why bother to bring her in when it's apparent that she is being kept in the back? I love Taranji's acting and having her participate more on the show would add spice to it. I don't know about Taranji,I wouldn't want to waste my time not being taken seriously like that.

      Believe it or not this is my first time watching Scandal( at least on the clip). I love Kerry's character being a top notch girl and the series seems great,but I also hate that she's banging the president. It makes her character seem sleazy, and that she slept her way up the latter. maybe the directors want to make Kerry a seductress, I don't know,but I would love for her character to have a normal romantic relationship

    2. I haven't watched POI, but I did keep up with Scandal since the first season and it has kept my interest in watching and the second season premier was good. I don't watch Grey's Anatomy so this is my first show that i have watched something created by Shonda.

    3. I was hopeful for Scandal, until I found out she was banging the prez. Then I just lost interest.

      Really? That's what did it for you?

    4. I have to co-sign Amaya. I've never watched any of these shows. I got rid of my cable last year too. I just watch 'BlackandSexyTV' on youtube. I'm completely over the BW/WM thing.

      Despite this I always love reading Ankh's commentary.

    5. Yep. When you dropped that bomb (because I wait for your commentary and eventual group discussion), I was like, "I KNEW IT!" It was too much to hope that this was a hardcore, ethical woman who worked her way up. While she may very well be this woman, her affair with the prez taints the rest of it.

      My nerves are bad. I want a show for us, by us, that doesn't hold to the same old lower-than-bullshit standards. Good luck finding that unicorn,right?

      I await the commentary from the loyals.

    6. *blushes* I'm glad folks dig my commentary.

  2. Here's what gets me.

    We were on our way to learning more and more about Det. Carter. We met her son, saw flashbacks of her history in the army, and in the episode were the heads of the Five Families (Italian mafia) were being taken out, she especially got to shine (there were some other ones too).

    What we have here is a failure to communicate. Fans are having a "What the hell happened?" moment and CBS is simply not listening.

    1. In a recent TVLINE.COM interview, the show's executive producers and head writers stated that Season 2 will delve more into Carter's background.

      Now, how much focus they place on Carter's past remains a mystery, but they are aware of the questions about it.

      TVLINE | How do you plan to evolve Carter with regards to the guys as well as outside of them?

      NOLAN | We want to find out a little more about Carter’s personal life, what makes her tick. She’s still in very many ways the conscience of the show, this rigorously upright, decent person who found through the course of the first season that she’s a little more alone than she imagined, and that her allies are a little unexpected. We love the team dynamic she’s developed with Reese and Finch, and now Fusco, but we would hate for these relationships to become static.

      PLAGEMAN | Carter is read in to a certain extent on what Reese and Finch are doing, but she is a detective who probably isn’t satisfied with being on a need-to-know basis. NOLAN | She’s got some questions she wants answered herself!

      Read More at: http://tvline.com/2012/09/26/fall-tv-preview-person-of-interest-season-2/#utm_source=copypaste&utm_campaign=referral

    2. They say this, but they need to start doing, and not in a random episode here and there. We've learned about Reese and Finch slowly, in well placed pieces. We need the same evolving continuity for Carter and Fusco as well.


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