Black Girls' Night Out: Linden & Phillips

Garcelle Beauvais as "Hannah Linden"
I don't know about the rest of you, but TNT's Franklin & Bash officially has my attention.

I just watched my first episode and will be watching a lot more.  It's a comical legal procedural which focuses on two highly unconventional lawyers, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar).  Sci-fi legend Malcolm McDowell also stars, alongside Reed Diamond and Kumail Nanjiani.  In addition, two women star on the show, and both are beautiful Black women.

Garcelle Beauvais portrays Hannah Linden, a lawyer at the same firm as Franklin and Bash.  From her character bio on the TNT website:
A longtime member of the Infeld Daniels team, Hanna Linden is a knockout lawyer in more ways than one. In the courtroom she is smart, polished, effective and nearly unbeatable. She brings in more clients and billable hours than anyone in the firm, including her ex-boyfriend, Karp (Reed Diamond's character). She also happens to be drop-dead gorgeous, a quality she uses to great effect.
According to Wikipedia, Franklin has a crush on her.

Dana Davis as "Carmen Phillips"
In addition, Dana Davis portrays Carmen Phillips, an ex-con-turned-private-eye who gathers additional info about suspects and clients in the cases Franklin and Bash work on.  From her character bio:
Paralegal Carmen Phillips is the fire that keeps Peter and Jared going. She's a smart, tough private investigator and always willing to be candid. Although she often finds herself serving as den mother to the unruly organization, she couldn't imagine working anywhere else.
I've only watched one episode so far, but here's the scoop. The show's been out for over a year and was renewed for a second season, yet I was the first person to ever hit the "Like" button on either of these characters' bio pages.  Not a good start; not interested in seeing such a show with such potential for these two get axed simply because it conveniently flew under the radar.

So when you can, ladies, hit up TNT's Franklin & Bash Facebook page and flood it with thank you's and other expressions of appreciation for the casting and characterization of these two.  Because it's one thing when the only woman on the show is a beautiful Black woman (think  Uhura on Star Trek), it's another thing when both women on a show are smart, strong Black female characters.

To keep track of the show, visit its IMDB page, where it currently ranks 7.7 out of 10 stars.


  1. I watched the first season and liked it but I haven't tried to watch the second season. Actually I have been on tv show hiatus lately, so this might be my catch up one.

    1. The second season, I believe, just premiered at the end of July and is currently still airing.

      What were your thoughts on the first season?

    2. You know I think the reason why I haven't watched season 2 is because, either they go over board or some character's roles becomes less significant.

      I do want to see Carmen's character get used more and it was interesting how the relationship was developing between Franklin & Hanna.

      Of course they have to use a POC for comical relief. It's one of those shows where if there is nothing else on then you would watch.

    3. it was interesting how the relationship was developing between Franklin & Hanna.

      They do what????

    4. LOL...Ok so Hanna had this type of triangle she had going on between Karp and Franklin. Hanna and Karp are sort of the same, both driven attorneys but Karp doesn't like to mix the relationship with work.

      Hanna starts to mess around with Franklin, Karp sees the interactions, and next thing you know Karp & Franklin got the cock fight going over Hanna.

      That's why it was interesting because you had two white guys fighting over her.

      I just found this- http://omg.yahoo.com/news/franklin-bash-scoop-garcelle-beauvais-reveals-big-surprises-184358804.html

      So it looks like Hanna and Franklin will not be hooking up for season 2.


      “She’s still bossy,” Garcelle promises. “She also doesn’t hook up with Franklin, and Breckin is upset about that. He was like, ‘Why aren’t we making out?’ But yeah, [season two is] lot more fun with a lot of great guest stars. You get a more in-depth look at Hanna.”

      And one of the biggest ways we’ll get to know more about Hanna will be through the eyes of her new love interest, played by Boris Kodjoe.

    5. She also doesn’t hook up with Franklin, and Breckin is upset about that. He was like, ‘Why aren’t we making out?’


  2. So far, one of my complaints is that, once again, a good-looking East Indian guy is used as comical relief. This is getting old.

  3. I didn't know that Garcelle was back at work. Then again, Im not a big fan of TV like I used to be.Im happy that she's in charge of herself again. I couldn't blame her for giving her ex a piece of her mind.

    Maybe I will check her show out. I was also fan of Mark-Paul Gosselar( along with Mario Lopez. I had no idea that he was half-Indonesian) when they were on Saved By The Bell. The older he gets, the hotter he get.I think that Garcelle is several years older than he is,but if she was younger, I would have liked to see her hook-up with Peter.

    I agree with you about the casting if Indians. Jesus! Im so sick and tired of these guys being casted as supergeeks. When I look at Indian men, I see romantic..I see serious men. No matter how sexy they are, someway and somehow, Hollywood will do everything in their power to put them in their place. It's time for a change.

    1. I didn't know that Garcelle was back at work.

      LOL - neither did I. When I saw she was on this show, it took me by surprise.

  4. Okay, I'm going to totally derail and say that Zack Morris could totally get it...I did not appreciate his "type" back in the actual Saved by the Bell Days but now, um, yeah. I'm still surprised that he is part Indonesian though.

    And @Ankhesen, I had never seen the Big Bang Theory and your post made me watch it and it is like, yeah, the Indian guy is miles ahead of the others and why on EARTH does Leonard, who would make a hobbit look hot, get so many girls? And now even Howard has a woman but Raj doesn't (I've seen episodes from current and past seasons).

    Okay, now I need to research this one too, b/c I've only ever caught like the last five minutes of the show, so I know Franklin, Bash, Garcelle, and whoever Malcolm MacDowell plays...

    1. I was just as surprised as you were when I learned about it. He would say that he was Indonesian,but I brushed it off and thought that he was saying that he was mixed with it rather than being half of it,but he is what he said he is. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mark-Paul_Gosselaar. I've also seen pictures of his mom. She's definitely Indonesian.

    2. Meh. He has Keanu Reeves syndrome. How many screaming white girls have ever taken his ancestry seriously? When was the last time he straight up played an Asian dude or at least a mixie?

      These are what I call "just in case actors". They hold onto their non-white ancestry card...just in case.

    3. Oh, yeah, he has total white privilege. I don't mean it's anything to be impressed by, I meant it is interesting b/c he looks so white but Russell Wong is also Dutch and Asian but doesn't look white to me (and one of my Chinese friends had no idea he was part-white and you'd be surprised by some of the half-Asian people that she would call white people). The Tilly sisters have white privilege (although I think being part POC plus a bit of surgery has helped them age well). And Tommy Chong. There are a lot of part POC actors and actresses who don't mention it unless it is convenient or they want to sound "cool". I saw a VH1 special by the people who wrote the Ego Trip Big Book of Racism (which I own), and it had a section on half-Asian actors and actresses.
      Also, Catherine Bach, the original Daisy Duke, and Linda Carter, the original Wonder Woman, are both half Mexican, and I mean, non-white Mexican moms, not "white" Latinos like Cameron Diaz or Christina Aguilera.

      Clearly, being a POC who can pass and gets full white privilege is a different can of worms.

    4. There are a lot of part POC actors and actresses who don't mention it unless it is convenient or they want to sound "cool".

      Precisely. It's a way to stand out and look special on resumes and in marketing. It's the drama/scandal/memoir they save for a rainy day when their career is on the skids.

      Clearly, being a POC who can pass and gets full white privilege is a different can of worms.


    5. Speaking of people claiming POC status when it is useful, can we talk about Elizabeth Warren? She has really annoyed me. White people love to claim Native American status when it suits them. Meanwhile, actual Native Americans continue to suffer and get crapped on.

    6. Too off topic. Take it to the bitchfest.

    7. Done...I hope the ladies join in.


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