Cross-Post: Black Women in the Asian Music Scene

(Damn it, ladies...now look at what you've done.  Granted, this is a shorter version.

Comments are now closed on the Narrative, but this is the Black Girls Club.  Say whatever the fuck you want).

*rubs temples*

Let me begin once more with my usual: I'm not a K-Pop fan.  It's partly due to my ever advancing age and my loathing for pop music in general.  I'm not particularly a fan of C-Pop or J-Pop either, and to hear some of these popstars speak (*cough* Wang Leehom *cough*), they're not always fans of the sappy, happy pop themselves.

As usual, my take is from a more sociological perspective.  The previous post on the Jay Park video "Know Your Name" sparked a bit of a debate as to why Black women wanted to see more of themselves in Asian music videos.  Why, why, why - Black fans are always asked why. This, of course, is often meant to put BW on the defensive as though they were intruders or usurpers.  It is also the wrong question.

The question should be: Why do we even have to ask?  That is to say, why aren't they in the videos from the get-go?  This is 2012; there shouldn't be this slow march to progress and recognition; we should already be there.

And how come all these non-Black fans (who are clearly threatened by the slowly growing presence of Black women in K-Pop) can't take their own advice and simply "enjoy the music"?  Why must it always been an Asian or white girl or very light-skinned, light-eyed Latina in the videos?

If we're so ugly, and so undesirable...why are they so worried?

Reason #1 - Influence

As you can see from the brief clips, Asian artists draw heavily from African Americans.  These three are not alone, mind you; Se7en, Big Bang, etc. are no different.  Listen to these artists talk all day about their influences and the same names pop up again and again: R. Kelly, the Neptunes, Miss Elliot, Lil' Kim, Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight, Usher, Chris Brown, Jill Scott, Mary J. Blige - Negroes, Negroes, and yet more Negroes, both male and female.

This is why the Narrative loves, loves, loves Monsieur Nov.  Black music...Black woman in the video 95% of the time.

Reason #2 - Execution

With all the singing soulfully, rapping fiercely, doing duets with African American artists, African American women appearing in the videos ought to be pretty much a given.  Asian men aren't the only ones diggin' our style.

I mean, come on.

While imitation may be the highest form of flattery, the originator tends to do it better.  We create it, we perfect it, and our overall execution is better.

Keep in mind, this principle is not solely confined to us, nor does it not mean the Black-originated music coming out of Asian and white performers is not good or unworthy.  Mike Shinoda is an excellent rapper, lyricist, and an astounding multi-instrumentalist.  But he is no Lupe Fiasco or Jay-Z, and he admires both greatly.  G-Dragon of Big Bang is a huge fan of Wu-Tang Clan, but he is no RZA.  Or GZA.  Or Ghostface Killah.  British chanteuse Adele is a straight-up goddess in her own right; however, Adele's influences are the likes of Ella Fitzgerald, Aretha Franklin, and Billie Holliday.  Even if her career goes on for another 20-30 years, Adele will never out-sing those ladies.

The Korean Queen of Hip Hop and Soul is Yoon Mi Rae.  Her real name is Natasha Reid, and she's a kinky-haired Blasian from Texas.  Coincidence?  Not really.

Reason #3 - It's the 21st Century


First of all, this whole Black music, fashion, and dance without actual Black people is a really tired meme.  We've already cut into white folks for pulling that shit.

Secondly, live and let live.  My roommate has a saying, "If a Black woman wants to annoy Black men and white women, she should get herself a white man.  But if she wants to really infuriate everyone, she should marry an Asian."

You want to know why so many of these Asian hip hop & R&B artists don't put more Black women in their videos?  Because they can't.  Because there are variables which actually bar them from doing so.  Their handlers won't let them.  Their handlers won't let them because they know that the non-Black fans will throw tantrums and withhold their fan club money, or close down their fan forums.  They won't attend the shows, and since most of these groups can't go on epic world tours and pull a Rain, they have to appease those fans - they are the bread and butter of the industry.

I mean, we already know what happens when Asian men are allowed to do whatever the hell they want in their videos.

Notice how the comments are disabled under both videos.

Filipino artist TJ Medel once said that "being surrounded by beautiful black women...can definitely take a toll on you", and he caved within a mere 5-day period at a spoken word event.  So you can imagine what these artists who've spent years listening to Black music and watching Black videos, and sweatily rehearsing day in, day out with Black dancers are experiencing.


  1. *buffs nails* We can't help it if we got it like dat.

    1. Yep, while we knock the dirt off our shoulders and keep it moving.

  2. It would seem the norm when complaints about lack of black representation pop up, is to ridicule/belittle/etc the persons opinion with the whole thing turning into a mess:


    1. I don't care for antikpopfangirl site, but that was a mess. Sometimes I read Asian Junkie and the comments can get messy over there too. I read soulbeats and keep tabs on Rain & MBLAQ and keep it moving.

      The whole "Fandom" or "Stanning" in any medium is too crazy for me.

    2. Wow, this article (the link) is a mess, the comments too, for the most part.

      Indeed, it's the 21st century. But Korea is, well, different, look at Lady Gaga's cancelled concerts in Korea or Eminem's gig that shocked them so bad 'cause they didn't 'expect' him to say vulgar words or problematic stuff. Are they serious?

      I don't really expect kpop or Korean music as a whole to involve more black women in their videos, but I'm waiting for the day their artists will be much less under constant scrutiny by their fans/society and that they wouldn't have to please everyone that much. And when that day comes, we'll see what these guys might do with their creativity or who they'll openly date (in a more diverse Korean entertainment in the future)...I'm also waiting for the idols to become more educated about non Korean stuff in the future...they say idiotic/ignorant or offensive things. That way, they'll be able to handle foreign people in their music videos (or cinema) in a much better and genuine way. I mean, when I see some American CMs or cinema with one Asian guy, it's usually about stereotypes (being funny, martial arts, nerdy). There's room for improvement and I don't want Korea or any other country to stereotype us as well now. C'mon, they already do the black face thing.

      As for the homogenuous thing about Korea...half truth. With their recent economic rise, many people from South East Asia and other continents have gone there to work, and it's just the beginning. So it's not irrelevant to talk about ethnic diversity in Kpop, especially when they already cast many whites and go to other countries to shoot MVs.

    3. On the one hand, it is unreasonable for Black women to expect, say, the Korean music scene to change for us.

      On the other hand...that's not what we're asking. That's not even what we're expecting.

      Koreans are forgetting that we've been down this road already with white people. Hollywhite wanted us to shell out money for film after film glorifying white heterosexual couples, and to never expect to see ourselves represented. The American music industry hasn't been much better; has never problem borrowing/outright stealing from us. It's had no problem lightening and whitening the hell out of some our singers.

      And look how we've responded. If we're not digging it, obviously we're not going to go for it anywhere.

      People need to accept that fact that we're here, we've been here, we're the originators, and we have some serious buying power. If they want in, they're going to have to find ways to appeal us - period.

      Which means musicians in Asia are going to have to regroup and strategize and overall revamp how they market themselves, and even label their own music. So if you specifically label your music "K-Pop", your K-fans won't want to share you with the rest of the world.

      But if you straight-up call your music pop, or neo-soul, or R & B, or whatever, and you make a point to perform regularly around the world, that's a different story. You're an artist making your money, doing your thing, and if fans in one country don't like, fans in the next country can tell them to go fuck themselves.

    4. I mean seriously...Michael Jackson is the Undisputed King of Pop and one often overlooked reason is that he was willing to constantly perform EVERYWHERE. No country wasn't good enough for him. No people weren't good enough for him.

      The Asian music industry needs to get on the ball and start cutting new deals. If damn near every American artist can have sold out concerts and easily accessible music in Asia, then the reverse needs to be true.

      I should be able to go to Amazon.com right now and download everything Se7en ever touched...not just the song he did with Lil Kim. I should be able to buy tickets to see Rain in Houston or Dallas or San Antonio with ease. I shouldn't have to save and meticulously plan a trip to S. Korea - and possibly cramp DN's style - just to see the man perform live.

    5. "Which means musicians in Asia are going to have to regroup and strategize and overall revamp how they market themselves, and even label their own music. So if you specifically label your music "K-Pop", your K-fans won't want to share you with the rest of the world."

      I agree but it will take a long time for South Korea being under Confucian and homogeneity for so long. Japan has the second largest market with the US being first so they don't really care, but for SK, China, other SE Asian countries they will.

      A discussion came up about this here- http://seoulbeats.com/2012/09/unpopular-opinion-psy-isnt-doing-k-pop-any-favors/

      I was replying to a person when they brought up the fact how artists in SK have to push the Hallyu Wave to spread Korean culture.

      One of the articles I read Yang Hyun Suk (YG) was talking about the success of GS, and it bugged the hell out of me.

      When he said's this...

      “When you try and pull different tricks in order to force-create a
      certain type of music or MV to reach a certain goal, the results are
      often not so great. It was impossible not to look back and think about
      what kind of musicians are often welcomed with open arms by the public.”

      Ok, so he recognizes that the tricks are not working but then he goes on to say this...

      “The more important fact is not that “Gangnam Style” is drawing major popularity, but that the artist is a Korean singer.”

      “Just as Bae Yong Jun created a Korean drama craze in Japan with ‘Winter Sonata‘, and just as BoA served as the first pioneer for K-Pop overseas, Psy needs to play that kind of role in the States,” he added. “It doesn’t matter how much money Psy makes in the States. He needs to break down obstacles, as well as break down prejudices in regards to Korean artists. Thanks to Psy, artists such as Big Bang, and 2NE1, as well as other Korean artists now have a little more potential when it comes to breaking the world market.”

      It's like he understands one part of it but because of Nationalism not really the whole picture, there is still the disconnect. I mean I understand it, if you are the first to make it big in any field especially if you are seen as a minority you are made the representative, but at the same time, especially when it comes to music just Psy being himself as an individual should be enough.

      I'm sure plenty of people have seen speeches done by folks from another country and they used English and their native tongue.

      For example, Some one from Spain who knows English would start the speech in English then end it with, "I want to give a shout out to the peeps in Spain." Then they go ahead and start talking in Spanish. You killed two birds with one stone.

    6. "Thanks to Psy, artists such as Big Bang, and 2NE1, as well as other Korean artists now have a little more potential when it comes to breaking the world market."

      That commenter is deluding himself.

    7. For real. Let's be honest here - Psy's a hit because he's a 'funny little Asian man' with a catchy song and dance. That's how they see him. It's like Macarena all over again. The Western English-speaking market is bent of saturating the world with THEIR puppets...er...artists, not letting foreign talent in that they can't readily pigeon-hole and control.

    8. Yep! no matter how much people want want to deny the Black influences in Kpop music, they cannot avoid this reality. Whether it's North American and South American, African, Latin American or Caribbean, it cannot be denied.It just laugh when I listen to those some of those crazy fangirls avoid this. They'll say that Kpop is "original"music(Ha! I guess they haven't listen to traditional Korean music because that is their ORIGINAL music),but it isn't. I was looking at a rerun of UNSUNG with Full Force on there. I really respect one of the members of the Backstreet Boys for what he said. He not only gave thanks to FF for not only giving them a career,but recognized Pop music originating from R&B and he's told the truth about that.

    9. I will also agree about Psy They probably would accept any non Kpop artist who the American music who remind of the late Rodney Dangerfield,but so far no suave Korean singers like Se7en haven't made it in the industry. I don't think that our industry is " ready" for guys like him to be a recognizable international name.

    10. "That commenter is deluding himself."

      LOL. The funny thing about that commenter is that he is the CEO of YG(that house Big Bang, 2NE1,Tablo,Se7en, and now Psy) one of the big three companies, ie SM & JYP.

      That's why I was shaking my head because he still don't get it.

    11. I will give some credit to JYP though with the Wonder Girls. He understood that in order for his group to have some success they were going to have to live here in the US and understand the culture.

    12. JYP tries. He has worked his ass off and produced some phenomenal folks, with Rain himself topping that list. I'm so disappointed he hasn't had more success in the US.

    13. I swore I was stepping away from the Kpop stuff, but that Racialicious piece was interesting.

      My reading of it is that the author seems to be raising the spectre of minstrelsy as a reason why folks in the US have glommed on to the Psy phenomenon. The song's
      socio-cultural critique is completely lost on western audiences, and instead, people are bemused by this chubby, non-threatening "jester"like Asian man performing a funny little dance. And because western audiences don't have the ability to place him within the Korean cultural context-- i.e., within the Korean entertainment landscape, there exists a specially reserved niche for 'gag' or joke performers such as Psy--he's yet another goofball Asian guy in a long line of goofball Asian guys to be laughed at. Esentially, our laughter and
      amusement is, in part, a function of how we're saddling him with our own tropes about Asian men.

      Also, I totally laughed out loud when I read that you, completely unawares, called the CEO of YG 'delusional'.

  3. True, YG is deluding himself, he doesn't seem to know how the American market works. But I think he's basically trying to 'look' (not act) like an ambitious and proud Korean businessman before the Korean media that believes in this whole Hallyu wave. Korea wants to promote that thing as a concept with as much idols as possible overseas. That's the goal. Promoting Korea and making lots of money. They still don't get that the West is not interested in seeing a bunch of similar groups breaking their market, they just want an individual interesting or cool enough. Whether YG actually believes in the other groups' overseas potential, I don't know.

    Hm...as for black women in the Korean music scene, well there's this half black girl Lee Michelle who will debut in a group soon. We'll see how people responds, especially if she debuts as an idol (still not sure) who has a thick body and looks mixed. I wonder if she will have to lose weight. I've noticed how blasians in Korea are all talented and I think that they wouldn't be able to have a career there if they were just average or under average. And all of these blasian artists have managed to go solo and be successful after debuting in a group. I don't know for Michelle, the future will tell.

    1. I mean, those who are celebs, not blasians in general.

    2. I don't think she'll be successful on her own. Reading some comments there are still people saying they want k-pop to stay Korean. Totally ignoring the fact that not only is she half Korean but that she was raised in Korea.

    3. When Lee Michelle lost JYP said this:

      “I have one thing to tell Lee Michelle. I kept asking her (during our training) why she couldn’t clearly express her true feelings. But she just said, she couldn’t express herself because growing up she’s been hurt so many times by so many people. I strongly believe that all the parents (in Korea) must continuously teach and educate their child not to make fun of someone, or make derogatory comments, just because of that person’s skin color or race. I wonder if there’s any other country than Korea that’s so close-minded and oppressed in that manner. And I would like to applaud Lee Michelle for overcoming all the barriers and showing a new possibility with her performance today.”

    4. Yes, I read that a few months ago, it was nice of him.

      The ones who openly say that kpop should stay Korean or free from foreign influence are mostly international fans (Asian or not). I don't know what the Korean fandom thinks as I don't read Korean but when they see talent with their eyes and ears, so far they have accepted it. Yes, those blasians have haters in their own country but it does not represent the majority's sentiment.
      I think it will be more difficult for Michelle in this "era" as the level in music entertainment has increased these past years and there's a lot more competition and idols to make people not pay a lot of attention to her as a future solo artist (I hope she gets there), but they'll get used to her in her group and I think she has a chance to go from there. Depends what she brings on the table.

    5. Brief update on Lee Michelle. She left YG label and her group disbanded. The reasons weren't revealed but she did say that she didn't perform much with YG as a trainee and wanted more freedom. Some people say it's because of her bad attidue (WTF). Some people say YG lost interest in her or that the company is racist to justify this, but I don't think that racism has anything to do with it. Michelle has been living in Korea all her life so she knows how to deal with that, not the type of losing her temper. And YG wouldn't have signed her if he were a racist. HIS money was on the line. Or it was a stragegy to have her in the shadow as a non threat but I wouldn't bet my money on it.

      The good news is that right after leaving YG she signed another label DIMA. She was also featured in a song. She says she wants to take it slow and study production of music videos (or film?), and I'm really glad that she made that choice. She gets the education she needs, has freedom, do featurings and writes her own songs. All I'm saying is "Girl, get that diploma and broaden your opportunities!" Who cares about becoming the next superstar if that's not what she wants. Vocal skills alone are not that reliable in this industry, and most singers nowadays don't have a very long career. She was already a vocal trainer, so she won't be unemployed and won't be forgotten that soon. I can only approve her doing her thing, and having control over it instead of being an unhappy marketable puppet.
      I lost the translation of her interview.


  4. She would probably have more success if she came to the States. k-pop really doesn't stand a snowball's chance in hell here. Between the black face and other forms of plane 'ol ignorance, I don't think it will be well received.

    1. Truth. Once these artist that have done ignorant things make their way to America everything is going to resurface.

  5. Let me correct something right quick. It's not that K-Pop couldn't work in the US - it could. The reason it hasn't worked so far is that K-Pop is based in South Korea; that's where the largest cut of profits goes, so to speak. That's primary direction of the money flow.

    If Rain, Se7en, and JYJ each got permanent US citizenship tomorrow, and settled down in New York or Los Angeles, it would all be over.

    1. Quote:
      "The reason it hasn't worked so far is that K-Pop is based in South Korea"

      > Exactly. But then, if those music labels let them go for real, it wouldn't be kpop anymore. It will just be Bi Rain or Se7en who happen to be from Korea. Their music and language won't be Korean anymore. And I'm fine with it :) Their labels...not much. I'm also disappointed for Rain's career, he was so promising. I don't know JYJ.

      I think that pushing kpop idols on western people is a fail. On several levels. Even when they try to promote SNSD with an English song, the song was produced by an American person. How kpop is that? They want to be successful overseas but they don't even know how to be themselves (cutesy and whatnot) and bring their own music? (they could just translate the songs) I'm not saying that's what they should do nor that it will work (it won't), but that would make more sense to me. I mean, adapting to America's market to an extent is not nonsense, but they should do what they're actually good at instead of being under average overseas.

  6. Those three yes. But some of these other dudes? Its not happening. JYJ is the only group I could see succeeding in the states. I feel like solo acts could do better here. No one wants to see sixteen chicks on stage who can barely sing.

    Korea also needs to learn how the music game works here. When Se7en was in the states, how come a lot of folks didn't even know? And while his duet with Lil Kim, may have not taken off they should have let him release a second single. You just don't pull the plug on the man's effort here and then ship him back to Korea! It takes time for an album to gain momemtum. Where was Seven's street team? How come his people were'nt booking more press and print interviews? I saw one interview with him in Rap-Up Magazine--> http://www.rap-up.com/2009/04/03/7-questions-for-se7en/

    You have to grind here. You have to make television appearances, and even Se7en himself said here in the states, radio spins are important. I don't care if Jesus is doing backing vocals on Rain's next album, if it's not being properly promoted and folks here (Especially people who have no idea who Rain is)don't even know you have an album out they don't get exposed to you. As it is, Rain is one of the biggest entertainers in Korea, yet you still cannot get this man's music on ITunes!!! At least some of Se7en's stuff is available.

    JYP knows practically every negro in the music game! He brought Rain here in 2005/2006 and nothing materialized. I think Rain started to get frustrated and bounced, and decided to branch out and do his own thing. Rain still needs to stay close to JYP for the simple fact that he has a lot of connections. Rain mentioned recently that he's ready to move to the states. Maybe back in 2005 when he was younger, he wasn't ready to do that (Because he should have been here for at least 2-3 years back in 2006).

    1. A lot of these entertainers don't want to turn their backs on Korea - I can respect that. They're also sensitive about the language barrier - also understandable.

      By that's why you take your money, get a New York high-rise and a language tutor, and get down to business. You can always travel home to Korea and perform. But if you have an opportunity in the US, it's another story.

  7. I see Tiger JK went off on white folks wanting him to do the horse dance from GS.


    According to Tiger JK, hecklers in the audience insisted that he perform the “horse dance” from the choreography of Psy‘s “Gangnam Style“, and he was unable to hold back his frustration. He tweeted, “Creators project event other night. I went crazy on all them white folks in the crowd, Cussing them out. During my set, these dudes kept telling me to horse dance , F rapping just dance. I had to cut all my song short. Without self control. My F*** you turned into F** everybody To F*** all the white people to F*** CNN To F *** Hollywood. To Fu** all yall who think Asians are here to make you laugh by dancing my asses off. F** Hollywood thinkin Asians are just a comic relief.”



    1. *cackles* Serves their asses RIGHT!

    2. LOL gotta love this guy! I remember when he got upset at people's racist comments about his son. Tiger Jk just doesn't tolerate bullshit.

    3. LOVE this man.

      But Negro...why is you apologizing???

    4. I was thinking the same thing! This is my house. I'll say what I want. I'm supposed to dance like some trained monkey for white folks? White fans are on allkpop calling Tiger a "Racist". Go jump off a cliff...

    5. I agree with you but he's a Korean artist in Korea. And he didn't represent his country in a good way for the Korean media. In this country, you have to apologize for mere things...even if you're not sorry at all. I'm sure he's not one bit sorry and would do it again. They don't care about who's right, they want their celebs to publicly apologize like they owe them an apology or explanation.

    6. I knew that America would turn the popularity of Gangnam style into an excuse to mock all east Asian Americans.
      Bless Tiger JK for letting them know he is not here for their fuckery.

  8. Tiger JK is the real deal, and he seems to be the only cat in the k-pop game that truly gets it. He's actually spent time around black folk, lived in the states, and his wife is Blasian. I am so happy he said this. It needed to be said. That must have been really humiliating for him to deal with. These white folks were basically asking him to shuck and jive for their entertainment.

    I have nothing against Psy, but I find it interesting that he's "blowing up" and Rain really didn't when he was trying to get his music career started in the states. I think this has to do with white folks (White men in particular) views of Asian men and their sexuality.

    1. Yep. They're either the Side Kick or the Clown. Anything outside of those two boxes defies logic, apparently.

  9. "But if you straight-up call your music pop, or neo-soul, or R & B, or whatever, and you make a point to perform regularly around the world, that's a different story. You're an artist making your money, doing your thing, and if fans in one country don't like, fans in the next country can tell them to go fuck themselves."

    lmao! exactly! Jay Park was open about his love of R&b and Hip-hop. He wants to work with Usher and Nicki Minaj. Jay ain't thinking about no damn k-pop. Even he said he doesn't listen to it!

    The only people in k-pop that I pay attention to are Rain, Se7en, Jay Park and BAP. The rest of 'em can kick rocks, I really don't care. Rain, Se7en and Jay have all featured Black women in either their Videos ( Se7en and Jay) or in their stage show (Rain, Se7en and Jay)

    1. And we already have Jay. If he's smart, he'll put together a diverse entourage of dancers and do an underground tour of the blackest cities in America...starting with Houston.

    2. Oh, I missed that part of K's reply to my post. I definitely agree! Rain, Se7en and Jay Park are good examples.

      Just a clarification (off-topic): I've always thought that Korean NON-idol artists have a better chance to survive internationally. Most of the Korean songs I listen to are diverse (hip hop, soul, rock, jazzy/lounge, electronica, alternative). So when I said "kpop" won't work overseas in my previous comments, I wasn't referring to the "other" side of the music scene there. My *first* comment was unclear on differenciating them, probably because some of my points were relevant to both sides in that comment in my opinion.

  10. If Koreans want to sell their music in the US, they must break the barrier and do it the American way, starting from Language. They do not expect Americans from whom they copied to drop and embrace an imitation of that which they can do better. Each time I get amazed at some of the dance stlyes the Korean boys and girsl pull off on stage, I get disappointed again when I find out that the dance steps came from American Music industry. They did it first. So Koreans should either get satisfied with the Asian Market mesmerized by their efforts or change their pattern and go all American. Americans and Europ are not standing still, numerous talents are there, so taking over their market by labeling your songs in English while the rest of the lyrics is Korean does not make much sense. Remain true to Korea and pull it off there and leave the US market alone. You can not have it both ways. I like the Kpop but the producers should do more work in making them dissimilar. It is difficult to differentiate one from the other both in song style and dance pattern. As for hating blacks but copying their music, I call that leaving in denial.

  11. Do they no that theres more black people then any other race... N that not everyones a racist??? Not saying i support them keeping blacks out their music bc thats dumb... But the white supremists must be giving them alot of money and stuff for the clubs... We need more good people making business so that the music industry has better ppl to borrow money from. Its obviously something that we have that they dont want us to know or anybody else so they keep us out. Its not our fault chocolate is exotic. Not saying we better... Everyones good the way they r but keeping us out of music that orginated from us is ridiculous and everything is a cycle... So mostly likely if they do put more blacks in the mv the supremist will most likely rescind theyre money. Im sure theres good money out there... Grab a pair of binoculars n start looking. Ex: jay parks video know your name... He was dancing with a black in the video (he definitely wants some 🍫. He even said it.) But for the concert they had an asian girl. N in his mv for me like yuh ( very addicting song by the way) the lead was a black n japanese girl ( she was mixed) but the rest was a bunch of asian girls in the back ground. Had no problem with that. So i like to look at the behind the scenes and dance vers. N they had the black girl no where in sight. Just the asian girls... SMH


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