Deneeta Pope Needs to Sue the Hell Out of Paul Ryan

From Womanist Musings:
Ryan didn't think about what his little revelation would do to Deneeta Pope - the woman he met and dated 20 years ago at Miami University. Ryan was only interested in picking up whatever political capitol that he could gain. Of course, it didn't take the press long to track her down and delve into her personal life.


He didn't confront racism because he dated a Black woman. At best, he maybe saw the hostility itself but none of it served to force him to experience what it is to live in a White supremacist state as a person of colour. It's not like he is suddenly going to be subjected to racist policies like stop and frisk because he once got his swirl on. He didn't actually experience anything and I am sick and tired of this ridiculous parallel. In the same article, Pope says that they experienced no racism as a couple and considering that she described their relationship as hanging out at a few parties, I find that easy to believe. More importantly, the one best equipped to make the determination about race is Pope and not Ryan. Furthermore, bringing his Black sister in-law into the story to once again attempt to gain points for inclusivity and colour blindness, also reveals how manipulative and oppressive this tactic is. Neither Pope or his sister in-law are actually people to Ryan and why are we to believe that his ties with two Black women say something significant about Ryan's understanding of race? Neither Pope, or his sister in-law -- could hope to represent Black women -- let alone all Black people living in the U.S.

Pope recently married but she cannot focus on he new husband because everywhere she turns, she is being asked questions about Ryan. She has already said that were never in love, so her relevance is Ryan's bid to become vice president should be questionable. No one would even be talking about her if she wasn't Black. The Daily Mail Fail is now reporting that Pope spent time in prison for fraud. This woman has paid her debt to society and has moved on with her life, but her criminal past is all over the media. Why is this even news? How is this relevant to Ryan's bid to become the vice president? The answer is that it is not relevant, but thanks to Ryan's bid to appear racially aware, Pope's name is now a hot item. Now that the media has found this little tidbit, you can be sure that they are going to continue to dig. Pope did not sign up to be a public figure and should have the right to a private life, but once the media takes an interest in you, they will keep digging until they reveal every private or shameful moment that they can sensationalize for profit. The fact is, Ryan put her in a position for this to happen.

It disturbs me that people are asking the wrong questions about Ryan's association with Pope. It concerns me that so few see the self serving nature of the revelation about their brief relationship, or express concern that her criminal past has become a topic of conversation. Pope should be a non issue in this election and the fact that she is now everywhere I turn, reveals how little people understand race and privilege.
Seriously? Really?

If they really were friends, they're not friends now and he needs to cut her the fattest check he can (I'm sure Mittens can help with that).  This woman's life is ruined.  Ryan played the "my-ex-girlfriend-is-black" card and now the ex-girlfriend's life is actually ruined because of it.

Oh, my...her last name is really "Pope", y'all.


  1. Mittens.....I refuse to call him Willard.....

  2. OMG, she needs to sue the blue fuck outta that bastard! Please, Ms. Pope, read this and sue that bastard!!! Fuckin' asshole.

    1. All he did was mention her. That was all he did. He knew what that would do to her but he was so desperate he didn't care.

  3. It's a damn shame that she's being haunted by a non-serious relationship that was 20 years ago. I hope that at the very least she ended their friendship and told him to keep her name out his mouth. The lack of respect and consideration for Ms. Pope, especially by someone who should have cared even a little bit, is appalling. Makes you wanna do triple and quadruple checks on who you let in your life.

    This is a sad story, but it shows that once someone is in your life, they're there forever even after you cut them loose.

    1. It's Lifecoaster. Sorry about that, I post from my phone alot and it cuts my name sometimes.

  4. It's the much worse version of "I have black friends." He must have been super desperate, because I'm sure that doesn't play very well with the mouth-breathers that make up a huge portion of his base.

    And he owes her a huge apology along with that check, because to me, it's why he brought it up that's the most disturbing. *smdh* Disgusting.

  5. I thought it was crazy her last name was "Pope" too!


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