Gaya's Astronomy (2012)

Megalyn Echikunwoke
as "Ensign Gaya Mylanti"
Gaya's Astronomy is a science fanfiction set in the Star Trek: TNG universe. A play on Grey's Anatomy, Gaya's Astronomy follows the careers and personal lives a few young Ensigns newly graduated from Starfleet Academy. 

Inspired by a comment at the Bar, Gaya's Astronomy has a cast of color and will explore their personal and professional lives as fully as possible, with Megalyn Echikunwoke (left) being the face of Ensign Gaya Mylanti, one of the few Bajorans serving in Starfleet.

The story a playful indulgence, strictly meant to entertain and give us that escape current television and film can't seem to provide for audiences of color.  If you're not a fan of Grey's Anatomy, you won't be lost.  However, if you're not a fan of Star Trek, now's a great time to convert!

Below is the beginning of the prologue from the series:
Ensign Gaya Mylanti's personal log; stardate...whenever.

Now that I've graduated, all I can think about is time.

Like, when I was a freshman at the Academy, I met this really brilliant upperclassman named Wesley Crusher. During one of his infamous experiments, he created a bubble in which time actually stood still. But as was the case with all his experiments, it got loose...so to speak.

The bubble expanded beyond the originally intended perimeters, filling Science Lab 2 encompassing students and me. When the bubble was finally dissolved, a whole week had passed, but for us, the whole debacle felt as though it had only occurred a moment before.

At least, that's what the other students said. I remember every moment. I let that warm bubble wrap itself around me and hold me hostage. There's nothing in the world so comforting as knowing the next minute is never going to come.

I think I've spent every day since then trying recreate the peaceful timelessness I felt inside the bubble. My mind drifts there all the time. A couple of years after the accident, we learned that Ensign Sito Jaxa's shuttle had been blown to smithereens while trying to escape the Cardassians. She was one of the few Bajorans to ever attend and successfully graduate from Starfleet Academy, and she sort of redeemed our reputation after Ensign Ro Laren, another Bajoran, stepped all over it. We lit a 
duranja in her honor, and then Cadet Kiran Issia broke out the Romulan ale. It was the first time I'd ever tasted any. I had two drinks that night and woke up three days later. It was the closest I'd gotten to getting back in the bubble.

But now I've graduated. I have top grades and an unblemished record. I naively accomplished all this thinking people would leave me alone but this is Starfleet. No good deed goes unpunished here. My efforts landed me on the friggin' flagship of the fleet, the 
USS Enterprise itself.

Had I known this would happen, I would've just flunked out.
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  1. *rubs hands together* Now you know I'm always up for some Star Trek. Throw ST and POC together and you have a winner.

    1. Haven't seen on the blog. If you haven't been lurking, you've been missin' out!


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