Black Girls' Night Out: Carter and Pope

No delays on this one, no sirree.

So I made it home today to watch both episodes and I'll be real; I only watched the latter half of Person of Interest.  Carter had some moments solving the murder of a missing girl from decades earlier, but once she served her purpose working in the field and keeping Reese from going in the wrong direction, she'd...well, served her purpose.  She then vanished until the very end, where she reappeared for less than a minute.

I'm waiting.

Like I said before, if the writers are serious about fleshing her out, they need to start now.  It's easy to say, "Tomorrow, tomorrow" but we're two already two weeks in.  Time flies, and before we know it, it'll be mid-season and we'll still be wondering why Taraji Henson even bothers to show up for this show.

She got more screen time on Boston Legal, and she wasn't even a full-time cast member!

I never thought I'd say this, but thank God for Scandal.

And it's not just because of Kerry Washington.  For one, the writing's seriously improved.  There are so many questions now that I wanted answered...I never even thought I'd care that much before!

CBS needs to take notes from ABC when it comes to fleshing out characters.  We're the second week in and Huck, the ex-operative, is attending AA meetings to get help with his addictive thoughts of torture and body disposal.

A famed pastor is found dead on top of his mistress, who's handcuffed to the bed and alive.  Thus the writers have the Prez's Wifey soothe the pastor's wife, while Pope tries to talk some sense into his mistress of fifteen years.  It's a moving and spell-binding parallel, and very revealing for both women.  Contrary to what we were led to believe in the first season, the Wifey is not happy about Olivia and the Prez.  She's hurt, embarrassed, and alienated.  This was not how she pictured her marriage turning out and she's deeply wounded by it.  For once, Medusa weeps.

Olivia, in a roundabout way, admits that she wants the Prez to leave his wife.  I'll be honest; I never saw that coming.  She's written as such an Alpha Woman; if the Prez left his wife for her, I don't see them getting a house with a white picket fence.  He's the President.  She's a career woman.  What did she seriously expect to happen?

By the way, Tony Goldwyn is becoming more convincing as the Prez; there's much better acting and growing chemistry between him and Olivia.  I'm actually impressed.  Whatever kinks were dragging down the first season are rapidly being resolved in the second.  The actors are settling into their alter egos and the writers are developing rhythm and flow.  Everyone seems comfortable and confident, making me wonder if they already know they've been renewed for a third season.

What did y'all think?


  1. I haven't seen the second episode of Scandal but this post has me looking forward to it. The idea of huck being addicted to torture and even getting a high from it fascinating. Is a horrible thing to be addicted to for obvious reasons. It's also nice to see a more sympathetic side of Mellie. Up until now she just looked like a manipulative sociopath so this will be refreshing.

    I'm not surprised that Olivia would want him to leave his wife. I don't think she ever envisioned herself as someone's mistress and I doubt she approves of her own behavior. He loves her and is unhappy in his own marriage its natural for her to want someone she loves to be happy.She knows or believes that they will be happy together. I'm excited that this show is getting so good. I hope we get to see Harrison and Abby fleshed out more next.

    1. Huck is going through it right now!

      As for Olivia, I'm disappointed. I guess I'm disappointed, not surprised.

    2. Disappointed in the character or disappointed for doing something so simple and standard with the character?

    3. The latter. She should've been written above this. This is a lazy and cliched way of humanizing.

    4. ^^^^^^^THIS! THIS is the problem I'm having with watching the show.

  2. I watched scandal so I'm really curious about Quinn and who is really behind her being set up. It seems Huck/Olivia was a part of the set up and that maybe Huck did kill those people in the hotel.

    Why is Quinn so important?

    Scandal is my show this season.

    1. Yeah...why is Quinn so important?

    2. I don't think Quinn is important. She was collateral damage.I the bombing was a terrorist attack or assassination from someone in one of our allied nations. I think the terrorist has already been covertly caught and dealt with and Quinn was just collateral damage. Since the CIA or whatever group it was had no plans to deal with Quinn someone ask Huck for favor and he brought in Olivia. Its the people that were assassinated and the people that called Olivia that are important.

    3. "I don't think Quinn is important. She was collateral damage."

      Yeah, your right...I can see it.

  3. Do you remember the controversy about TV GUIDE and Taraji P. Henson from 2011 and how the editor-in-chief cancelled the entire cover?

    Well, TV Guide must have thought hard about it for a full year because its upcoming issue features Taraji P. Henson along with her co-stars on the cover:


    1. Yes, I do recall that fiasco. Thanks for the link.

      And thanks for the comment, though it would've been perfect on one of the Carter & Pope posts.


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