Black Girls' Night Out: Carter & Pope

So at this point, I'm pretty much watching Person of Interest because I'm a fan of Taraji P. Henson and because she looks utterly fabulous in every scene she's in, few as they may be.

If she weren't in it, I wouldn't watch it because the plotlines are becoming predictable, the dialogue in this last episode was appallingly cliched, and I don't see enough of Finch, whom I adore.  I also like Det. Fusco, but we now see him least of all.

This past episode really annoyed me for a couple of reasons.  At the center of a tacky, overdone, overly dramatic plot of lies, murder, and the mob is a fragile white woman who apparently never thought to learn kung-fu or how to fire a .45 once her man got involved with criminals.  You would think after being widowed and then dating an enforcer (after a sanctimonious rant about the death of her first man) would have taught this woman a thing or too but no...the writer's had to commit the ultimate fail of creating an idiotic damsel in distress.

Her new man is a mob enforcer who belongs in jail but because White Boy loves White Girl, all those people he murdered (including White Girl's ex) suddenly don't matter and Reese actually wants Carter to hold off a homicide investigation as long as possible.

Meanwhile, in Negroworld, all the Negroes would've been hauled off to jail about fifteen minutes into the show, regardless of guilt or innocence.  Which reminds me: this show is about forty-five minutes long.  For this last ep, Carter doesn't appear until about fourteen minutes and thirty seconds in.  Meanwhile, Reese and Finch's new dog is getting plenty of screen time.

Like I've been saying, thank God for Scandal.

The level of writing has remained fairly consistent this season, and I'm genuinely impressed.

I was not expecting Liv and the Wifey to join forces on this ep, but they did and they kicked ass.  The Prez's reaction was hilarious; I laughed right along with him.  Once again, I find myself wishing Wifey was the Prez, because she is one hell of a politician.

Huck went sipping on some "whiskey" in this episode and a foreign diplomat wound up dead on his way out of the country.

Abby the Red confronts Olivia, and then turns 007 when that doesn't work out.  And I'm happy.  I love Abby and the writers need to do awesome things with her.

Harrison and Quinn need to step up their relevance.  I get it, Quinn is at the heart of some big conspiracy, but what's Harrison's excuse?

And what did y'all think?


  1. Re: "Person of Interest"

    I am definitely watching for Taraji P. Henson and the Carter character. Carter elevates the episodes when she has a good amount of screentime. It's no coincidence that Episode 4 was so lacking - one of the reasons is because Carter was in only 3 to 4 short scenes.

    Thankfully, Taraji recently said that Carter is going to have a *DATE* in an upcoming episode as the show starts slowly to delve into her personal life. I remember you writing that you wanted to see Carter dating.

    Plus, Episodes 7 and 8 are going to be strong ones for Carter.

    Re: "SCANDAL"

    Fitz comes across as lackluster as a President. Mellie would make a ruthless albeit great President.

    Spoilers indicate that Episode 8 will be a big one for Olivia & Fitz fans.

    Harrison is so underused. What is his purpose? Columbus Short is a good actor, but the writers are not utilizing his talent. He's also attractive, smart and has a scandalous past. Why not focus more on him?

  2. I'm in love with Scandal. (Huck and his whiskey be killin me!! -oops pun?? lmao) I started watching it on Netflix and am currently doing the hulu thing with the new season. I really think every producer, creator, writer and whoall involved in making television shows should attend the University of Shonda Rhimes.

    I cut the tv cable cord so I don't watch CW or anything at all. I used to in the past and also back when it was the WB or whatever it was. Way to much fail and ouchiness so I just gave up.

    K, I do appreciate how you constantly take one for the team on these shows and networks. I wish I could find out how to be more supportive for the struggles of my sisters onscreen, but I don't have the wherewithall to track down (somewhere off television) where everything is playing or follow multiple shows anymore.

    Thanks for these informative heads up and for letting me know what these Beautiful and talented actors are doing even with the lack of meatier fare for them to sink their teeth into.

  3. POI: I just got caught up on POI this weekend. I really like the show (because I love stuff like this), but if Taraji ever decides to leave, I would probably lose interest. As much as I love Reese and Finch, I can't imagine the show without Carter. I hope that her character gets more development this season. It's obvious that she is the heart and the concious of their team and that they need her. There's a reason that Reese kept trying to contact her during that time when she wasn't taking their phone calls. He had Fusco...he didn't need Carter. She's important and they[re fully aware of that.

    I also noticed that about halfway through season one, they started trying to downplay Carter's looks by pulling her hair back and using less make-up. They also seemed to dress her more...plainly I guess, for lack of a better word. Is it just me? It seemed like shortly after the "Get Carter" episode where Reese seemed hellbent on protecting her (beyond the normal for him), they went out of their way to reverse glam her or something. Makes me wonder. She was still gorgeous of course, but they sure as hell tried. It seems like they might have reversed that trend this season though, so here's hoping.

    Scandal: I love this show! I still don't care about Quinn (I never have). I want to see more character development from Harrison, I love Cyrus (although I still can't suspend my belief at his being an openly gay Chief of Staff in a Repub adminstration), and Mellie is a damn trip. I hope that Hollywood will get it in their collective heads that a black woman can carry the lead in a prime-time drama and people will watch.

    1. Ah, you, several other viewers, and I noticed how they de-glamorized aka make Carter (almost) downright homely with the ponytail, light makeup, bulky clothing during the second half of Season 1. Why change the styling from the first half of Season 1? It was an interesting...change..

      Was a network executive or producer scared that viewers did not want to see an attractive black woman working alongside the attractive male lead? Because the styling changes just happened to coincide with Carter and Reese working together...

      Thankfully, Season 2 has allowed Carter's attractiveness to shine while remaining true to a detective's dress code. The bulky vests & jackets, bland makeup and plain ponytail are gone. Once again, interesting...

    2. Okay, so it isn't just me then. I knew something seemed off. The change was just too drastic to not notice.

      Was a network executive or producer scared that viewers did not want to see an attractive black woman working alongside the attractive male lead? Because the styling changes just happened to coincide with Carter and Reese working together...

      Yeah, I thought the same thing and it definitely wasn't a coincidence. The timing was just too obvious for that not to be the case. When she and Reese were only dealing with each other on the phone for the most part, she was glam city. Once she started dealing with Reese as allies instead of adversaries and she started actually seeing him in person more, out came the dowdy version of Carter.

      I was watching the first season with my mother, and in the episode where Carter sits down with Reese for the first time as friendlies (the coffee shop, I think?), the first thing my mother said after watching them interact for a few minutes was, "They're going to fall in love." So yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head with that one. If they let her stay the super gorgeous woman that she is, fans might start getting ideas and they can't have that. If she's more plain looking, it's easier to push the big brother/little sister meme. They ain't slick.

      And the funny thing is, they're usually wrong about that stuff. Yeah, some fangirls might bitch (they always do), but I think most honestly wouldn't care. And if they did, so what? I doubt they'd stop watching the show. They complain about Angel Coulby all the time, but their asses still watch Merlin religiously.

    3. Even if whatever is going on with her and Reese isn't the reason for downplaying Taraji's looks last season, the fact that they felt they needed to do it at all is telling. What, they thought no one would notice?

      It's like they think a BW can't have intelligence/beauty/femininity/bad assery/flaws all at the same time. Like we have to play multiple choice with WOC (no more than one or two at a time), but Buffy (whom I love) or characters like her can have all those qualities at once and more. It's hightly insulting.

    4. I agree with you, cinnamon. The styling change was very obvious, so there had to be a reason behind it.

      Anyway, Sterling K. Brown has been cast as a love interest for Detective Carter:


    5. I'm glad that they let her shine, and Lord has she looked fabulous these past few episodes. I mean, stunning. I just want to take screen caps for no reason. Her look steal every scene - half the time, I can't even remember whom she's talking to, unless it's Reese or Finch and it's a crucial plot point.

      So...Miss Thang is going on a date, huh? It's about damn time.


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