Black Girls' Night Out: Doran and Clark

I'll level with you: I'm not liking this.

I just watched the second episode of 666 Park Avenue and I'm getting the "lure" vibe from Vanessa Williams's character.  She was cast as Olivia Doran simply to make people like us tune in.

Fashion tip from Moi: when a series premieres co-starring a woman like Vanessa Williams - with all her accomplishments - we need to know her role on the show at least by the second episode.  This episode told us nothing.  She showed up, chatted, looked stunning, and did nothing.  Said nothing important.  She's Gavin Doran's trophy wife who just so happens to still look stunning after all these years.

Like I said before...I'm not liking this.

We need more than this.  When we get meaningless scraps like this, my alarm bells start ringing.  My mind flashes back to that shit-tastic episode of The Vampire Diaries where Gina Torres, Perfection Herself, guest-starred and got axed.

Hell, naw.

Now on to Nona Clark (Samantha Logan).

You remember that old Chris Rock joke about niggas robbing you and then coming over the next day saying, "I heard you got robbed"?

Funny story.

Nona warns the protagonist that there's a thief in the building.  Meanwhile, she's the person who's been nicking people's personal items in order to get visions of their being in trouble. *blink*

Um...she has a psychic gift.  That's great and interesting and all, but gifts don't make up for a glaring lack of purpose.

I need to see some improvement soon, otherwise someone else will have to keep tabs on this show.  There's no fleshing out of these characters, and they've got insufficient screen time.  Verdict so far?  Fail of epic proportions.


  1. I missed last night's 666 Avenue episode, Ankhesen, but I figured it would be like that.

    Have you had a chance to watch the pilot of EMILY OWENS, M.D.? I really like that there are three women of colour in important roles in the show.

    1. Ah,I tried e-mailing the EMILY OWENS, M.D. pilot to you last week. It's on Youtube for free.

      Here is the link:


      What I like about it is that there are three (3) highly-educated women of colour doctors, and they have significant roles. One of the two black women is a lesbian whose father is the Chief of Staff. The other black doctor is, yes, a bitch, but she's not the "black bitch" that entertainment normally portrays. The third is the head of the interns and a well-respected doctor played by an Iranian-American actress.

      Mamie Gummer aka Meryl Streep's daughter is the lead actress, and it is interesting that she - the blonde, blue-eyed protagonist - is the least attractive of the females on the show, which is intentional. The darkest character is cast as the beautiful, popular one, who attracts the attention of Emily Owen's male crush.

  2. Why do I have the feeling that this is going to be like Heroes - a bunch of people with awesome powers, and not much development apart from that?

  3. I'm really needing to have Vanessa's shirt and nail polish in that picture.

    1. You would.

      That's the fun part about this job; finding glorious pix & posting them.

  4. Yes, I watched the show last Sunday.

    No more for me.


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