Black Girls' Night Out: Granger and Kopelson

Kelly McCreary as "Dr. Tyra Granger"
Let me begin by sayng I don't trust the CW.  For those of you who've been reading my blogs for at least the past year, you know I have good reason.

But when a show has more than one token Negress, I have to pay attention.

Emily Owens, MD is basically the bastard love child of Grey's Anatomy and Scrubs.  It toys with the idea that working in hospital is just like being back in high school.

The show focuses on the awkward (and I do mean awkward) Dr. Emily Owens, plain and tall.  Her plainness, her awkwardness, and the comical willingness of the actress make her downright lovable.  And I might be willing to watch the show for her...except I don't trust the CW.

So let's start with Dr. Tyra Granger, portrayed by Kelly McCreary.  Granger is the daughter of the Chief of Surgeons.  She's witty, spunky, and a lesbian (Daddy doesn't know).  If the show doesn't get canceled, I hope we'll get to see her dating exploits.  If we do get to see her (and Kopelson) engage in flirty adventures and hot flings, then I will hereby dub this show Grey's Anatomy's Redemption.

I really hope they don't cram Granger into some boring monogamous relationship with a conveniently invisible significant other.  That alone will be grounds to cease watching the show.

Aja Naomi King as
"Dr. Cassandra Kopelson"
But one of the really entertaining aspects of the show is our own Aja Naomi King, who delightfully portrays Dr. Cassandra Kopelson, a.k.a. "The Wicked Bitch of the West Wing."


Kopelson is Owens's archnemesis from high school (seriously).  She's sleek, polished, professional, and nefarious as hell.  I don't like the Black girl being the bitch, because I think it's been done way too much (and very badly), and because American society insists all Black women are angry bitches with attitude problems.

But Kopelson is a step up from previous Black bitches on the CW.  She's not angry, and she's not bitchy for no reason.  While Owens envied Kopelson in high school for being the pretty, popular girl, Kopelson envied the fact Owens was a nerd.  Being a Black Girl Nerd myself, I wish the writers could've come up with something else, but hey...nerds rule and I guess that's what's important.

What do y'all think?

(h/t Lori Smith)


  1. Imma have to check this out, see what's up.

    BUT this...

    I don't trust the CW.


    ...except I don't trust the CW.

    ...must be considered.

  2. Saw a piece of a commercial for it, and never even knew that they had one Black woman in there much less two (the commercial focused on some child telling Emily - the mum, I'm assuming - that she's a loser...man, white kids can get away with all sortsa shit on TV!). Anyway, like you said, it's the CW. Leo does not trust.

    1. Watch the beginning. You'll see who the kid is and start laughing.

  3. I'm glad that you watched the pilot, Ankhensen. I hope that both characters are developed.

  4. Welllll...like you I don't trust the CW but I may have to watch this later tonight...

  5. for anyone interested the pilot is available as a free download on iTunes.

    i'm skipping this one. my spider-sense is going into overdrive.


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