Black Girls' Night Out: Quick Announcement

I'm retiring Doran and Clark (666 Park Avenue), unless someone else will take over.  Personally, I see the Black women on those shows going nowhere and the storyline isn't enough to keep me interested.

Carter and Pope will be up tomorrow night; I have to rewatch Scandal because I was on a phone call last night which totally distracted me.

That is...except for the scene with Olivia and the Prez up against the tree, with the Secret Service agents turning away to respect their privacy.

But we'll discuss that tomorrow.

I intend to get caught up on Linden and Philipps (Franklin & Bash) Seasons 1 & 2, because I really feel I've missed something there and want to be ready for Season 3, if there is one.

I also intend to stay on Granger and Kopelson (Emily Owens, MD) because I want to see where the CW tries to go with this before it crashes and burns.

If I can, I also want to check out Sanaa Lathan on Boss.  If you've been watching it, please let us know how that's going.

Lastly, let's hope Strange Sista, our new Merlin correspondent, wows us again with another review and more awesome pics of Guinevere.

We're always interested in shows featuring Black women, so speak up!  Our site stats show hundreds of views each day - say something!  We wanna hear you.


  1. I got you on Michonne, the badass katana chick from The Walking Dead. I won't start posting about her until sometime next week, when I get caught up.

  2. Not good for much else because I have fucking DISH...

    1. I can help on the Michonne part unfortunately I don't watch Boss couldn't get into it, that goes for the other shows except Scandal.

    2. Meanie, I got my BFF to record TWD and American Horror Story, so I can get my fix. I rarely watch TV, so it was like a double gut punch to learn DISH doesn't carry F/X as well. So we can tag-team Michonne, and if there is a sistah on AHS, I got her too.

  3. Hi sorry I will have something soon. I'm in the US and ended up not being able to watch last Saturday's episode for days. But I've watched it finally and for the moment anyway have a better source for upcoming episodes. So I should be able to do a write up soon for both the second and third episode of the season and yes there will be pictures of the Queen Gwen looking absolutely stunning.


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