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Devil's Siren by Lady Aislynn Sanchar, the Dark Baroness...

Ravana Davide is a corporate mogul, a woman of significant means, and a newlywed. She's the bride of Nazar, who is a very powerful demon.  As a demon's concubine, Ravana enjoys a flawless new body, incredible sex, an unlimited bank account, and a hedonistic lifestyle. But while on her "honeymoon," Ravana realizes that in spite of the benefits of being Nazar's mate, she's lonely.

Enter Corson.

A roguish, sexy, red-skinned devil, Corson wants nothing more than Ravana herself.  As Corson's rival, Nazar isn't willing to give Ravana up and Corson isn't willing to stay away from her. It's up to Ravana to choose which demon she wants, but the question she must ask herself is...

...is it better to stick with the devil you know?

Rating: Mature audiences, 21+. Explicit sex, language, and adult situations.  Available Winter 2012 from Amazon.com.

A Middle Child Press book.


  1. I think I actually want to read this.

    1. I figured that would be the most likely response.

  2. It will be available within the next two weeks; it is in the process of being Kindle-ized and becoming sale-ready.

    I will make an announcement when the book is ready and post links.

  3. You had me at explicit sex... Glad it will be available for Kindle.


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