RIP Natina Reed

Can we break out a bottle of pink champagne in this bitch?!??  *pops a bottle and pours a sip on the concrete*

I mean, really?  Lisa Lopes?  Aaliyah?  Really?  I never even got over those two.  Do y'all know I'm still in denial about their deaths over a decade later?

This right here was my girl.  I liked her so much.  At the risk of dating myself, I remember Natina Reed very well; she was my favorite member of Blaque.  I listened to them in high school.  *sniff*

For the record, she was Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's protege, not relative (whom, as we all recall, also died in a car accident).  Which would explain their similar styles in 'tude, tone, and threads.

Natina was, however, the cousin of Farrah Franklin, whom some of you will recognize as a former Child of Destiny.

Dang, man.

I loved her in Bring It On.  When she says, "No, how about I choke you?"  I clapped every time.  *sniff*  She was actually working on a solo album and another movie at the time of her death.

"Beat these Buffies down" - I'd forgotten about that line!!!  *claps hands*

Shameless shout-out to Gabrielle Union

(From L to R) Shamari Fears-DeVoe*, Natina Reed,
and Brandi Williams

This version right here was a fail, though.

No, boo. We're not diggin' yo Timbs, yo baggy jeans, or yo "thug appeal." Youse was in a boy band, JC. Come on now.

That bugged me all through senior year, y'all.


Amaya, before you even start, I call dibs on Shamari's corset.


  1. *pours a little out* I didn't realize who she was until "Can we just beat these Buffies down so I can go home?"

    *sniff* RIP Natina

    1. My dumb ass just read that line about the corset. *nods* I see you...

  2. I feel you

    I'm glad that everything was cleared up about her and Lisa. Its still weird about her sudden death,but it would have been too weird if she would be related to her. I done think that Lisa's family would be able to take anymore headache like that,but Kelly is probably hurting right now.

    Blaque had so much potential. I loved "Bring it all to me,then it just seemed like they dropped from the face of the earth.Until now, I had to idea that Natina and Blaque was coming back together again.Unfortunately,its not going to happen.Just like TLC.I would have liked to seen that.

    Yes..I hate that Aliyah is gone. To me ,Beyonce was supposed to be her. I believed that Aliyah would have been her if it wasn't for her untimely death.I hate that. I would have been nice if her and JetLi would have made another movie together.

  3. I wonder what happened to their music careers. All the R&B groups disappeared at once.

    1. Sugar-white pop came in & killed them all.

      They were getting too popular, too prominent, and emulated too often that the music industry decided to get rid of them all at once.

  4. I LOVED Blaque! It's sad to see people go so young.


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