A Reader Said: Azealia Banks and K-Pop Fan Fail

Hey! I know this is totally unrelated to this post but this has gotten on my nerve b/c it deals with Kpop fans and their glaring ignorance. I'm sure you've already hear of Azealia Banks-the black female, avant garde rap genius? She the same artist called out and boycotted dolce and gabbana for their racist line? The same artist that was thrown under the bus b/c T.I. decided to support the racist Iggy whatever her name, etc? Well, Teayang of Big Bang recommended his fans to check her video luxury and lo! and behold! when they did, apparently, the comment section was filled racist remarks and how Azealia should thank Teyang that she got so many views, never mind that her song 212 grossed about 37 million on its own before teayang's shout out! Keep in mind that Azealia is unabashedly all about supporting and loving black female beauty. So given the fact Azealia, a very drak black attractive woman who's got a fierce sense of fashion that can rival G-Dragon's, it's obvious that they would despise her, but the ignorance!!!--they (read: fans)really don't understand how it works here. They way talked, you'd think Teayang started hip hop and that Azealia is an imitator. So, I always wanted ask this one question, while kpop fan's ignorance continues to come in to the light, who's expected to teach them the history of black music? Will it be us, the current stars, or will, ironically, be the kpop idols themselves? * this is white ppl all over again, fo' real. ^.^ I mean, these fans do have access to google right?


  1. First of all Luxury is my jam. Second of all if people really wanted to know where the music comes from they will look it up and go beyond what's played on the mainstream. Unfortunately most people like to be spoon fed. Kpop with its fandom is an ignorant beast cultuvated by the internet that are STANS.

    And it's just not them its some young folks today period, black, white, etc...

    I was looking up the original Wop dance we did when we grew up on youtube. The original came up but I saw other video's of the new Wop kids are doing. Check out the comments- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg8yjYKm0XQ

    Comment 1-I dunno know what u guys are talking about this IS the one and only WOP. That new joint is some trash. This dude took it back to the essence with this one. Before y'all try to clown do your research

    Comment 2-
    you guys need to stfu.
    k he IS doing the wop.
    you clearly don't know shit.
    get your facts straight.

    Comment 3-This is the original Wop that was VERY popular in the late 80s and/or early 90s, (been there...done that) so for those saying this isn't the Wop, you're incorrect.

    It isn't the current dance that is called by the same name, but is indeed the Wop. There are even 80s/90s music videos with people performing this dance, plus it's mentioned in various songs from that time. People used to "wop it out" on skates. Ah, the good 'ol days. LOL!


    As you can see young folks don't know that there was an original Wop.

    Somewhere between Generation X & Y translation got lost. When I grew up I listen to what my grandma listen to (Jazz, Blues, Broadway musicals, etc..) I grew up listening to what my mom listen to, and I listen to what my generation listen to. So I was surrounded with all types of music and dances.

    I'm in my 30's so I'm not old but sometimes I feel like that old person screaming at the kids to "Get off my lawn!" or "Back in my day..."


    1. I'm in my 30's so I'm not old but sometimes I feel like that old person screaming at the kids to "Get off my lawn!" or "Back in my day..."

      Right there with you.

      And I'm totally down with the Banks - every song she releases is better than the last one, and I think her videos stand out. I have high hopes for her.

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  2. I'm a 19 year old k pop fan, but certain fans definitely ruin the genre for others. As I black women, it upsets me to see other fans throw black women under the bus over and over again. I love azealia banks; she is amazing and those haters need to respect her awesomeness

  3. Yeah, that's what was bothering me too--being the metaphorical old grump telling kids, "back in my day.." and i was just mulling it over and I totally forgot to factor in fans of underground rap and hip-hop, the afro-latino, native american, and asian american population and ironically, the white hipster movement--it's seems they themselves are potential educators...But I do realize and respect the game that God decided to play ONCE AGAIN, being like: "Yeeeah, Imma need y'all to reexplain one mo' again. Last time tho. I swear." Moreover, there was a post on some tumblr blog called "kpop secrets" where a korean fan was basically apologizing to african american fans whilst trying to explain away south korea's blinding ignorance on the 30 yr occupation of korea by japan, talkin' about how korea is learning to see you as humans, but excuse us while we trample over you're culture to make a few quick bucks b/c s--y'know, korea's self esteem and all that noise--never mind that every single african country has also a 'hard history'--longer too, since Africa is the birthplace of mankind. Some fans called this poster out, so there's still hope. In my heart, i believe black folk all over the world won't let themselves be trampled over agin--à la white man style. Of this I'm certain, esp. black women. OMG, blk woman will def. change rap and hip hop---and any other musical genre by the mere fact of being blk woman. Something to do with "intersectionality," i believe ^.^

    Sorry about another long post:)
    Thx for the shout out K!

  4. Yeah, as another 19yr old kpop fan I also have a serious problem with some other kpop fans. Actually, I think there tends to be a multitude of problems with the kpop fan community but this surely one of the biggest ones. Like, you want to make music like us but you (the artists and the other fans)don't want to acknowledge black people as fans or you know the originator of the music the half of your "oppas" make...sigh...that's why I like Big Bang (and some others come to mind like Bi Rain, Seven, and Jay Park) who actually seem to acknowledge us (black people) as fans, women, and musically (?) I'm not sure if this is coming out right but I hope you get what I'm trying to say...

    1. I understand what you're trying to say.. if you watch k pop videos, it's obvious that they're inspired by black american r&b and pop. I hate when people( be it a k pop star or a fan) who ignore that fact. It's really arrogant.

  5. A cute black woman with a killer song surrounded by, I believe, Japanese men? ^.^ Me like. Check it out.


  6. I was thinking about this the other day because of this (http://peaceloveandafropuffs.tumblr.com/post/35443346710/searchingforknowledge-poodleduchess) tumblr post. K-Pop fans were trying to make the argument that when K-pop takes something from black culture and puts it in their music it isn't cultural appropriation ... but they got shut down real quick.

  7. I'm 32 and I've been complaining about the quality of music since 2000 which I think is when Radio One bought all the stations in the US and they all started playing the same 10 songs all day. Once a black genre crosses over to white people it is usually the trash that sales.
    I get that most of them are teens but they just have no respect. You got them claiming somebody copying is better than the original. A lot of this is rooted in anti-blackness. It happens any time non blacks copy black styles. One example that pissed me off was Rage Against the Machine did a remake of a rap song and people in the comments had A. never heard of the rap song B. hated rap music C. said the cover was better than the original. I mean it was the exact same song, not like they changed much.
    Big Bang fans tend to be super delusional when it comes to this. They honestly believe that Big Bang is the innovator and standard barer for hip hop. Which is hilarious, I mean you got underground Korean hip hop acts who could and have wiped the floor with G-Dragon. Most of the international kpop fans claim to dislike hiphop and show no interest in R&B yet when we point out some of the stereotyping and appropriation they suddenly think they are experts and say red bandanas and corn rows are part of hip hop and have nothing to do with black people. That's right. Hair styles that have only been worn by black people since time began are suddenly dissociated with black culture when they get called out for stereotyping us.

    1. This post is so on point. There are a lot of people who feel that Black Americans specifically do NOT have a culture, so stealing from us is no big deal. One of the members of 2 P.M. performed a Chris Brown song. I'm sorry-- he sounded awful. I'm no Chris Brown fan, but the boy can dance his ass off. 2PM cannot touch him. The comments on youtube claimed that his performance was better that Chris' and I just had to laugh.

      I'm a huge Soul/R&B stan so I can honestly say that most of the Kpop stuff I've heard is complete garbage. Cats like D'Angelo, Maxwell, Anthony Hamilton and Rahsaan Patterson don't have anything to worry about.


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